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Indiana University Student Personnel Association IUSPA Home Page


IUSPA is one of the oldest student personnel associations in the country. As the governing body of the IU HESA program, IUSPA has a great deal of responsibility and influence within the program, including:

  • Activism and campus involvement though the Graduate and Professional Student Organization
  • Planning the official hooding ceremony of the HESA program for Masters and Doctoral students
  • Publishing one of the first (and few) student affairs journals peer reviewed and published by a student organization in the country
  • Designing HESA orientation and pairing new students with their HESA buddy in the fall
  • Recruiting new HESA students through HESA Outreach each February
  • Creating professional development opportunities such as workshops and guest speakers
  • Organizing group events such as socials, community service projects, and mixers with other professional organizations

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