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Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: What is the process for article submissions?

    A: Once the author(s) have submitted the article, the review board reviews the submission and gives feedback on necessary changes and improvements.  They also make recommendations whether or not the paper is accepted for publication. The editors then turn the submission back to the author(s) and have them correct the paper. (This is an important step; please only submit if you are willing to follow through with the submission process). The paper is again submitted with the new revisions and the review board looks over the article again for any last errors or ways to improve the paper. At this point the editors, with help from the review board, will decide if the manuscript will be accepted or not.  If not accepted, the editors will notify the author(s) on the status of the submission. If accepted, the author(s) make the final corrections and the article is ready for publishing.

    Q: Who can submit to the journal?

    A: First and Second-Year students in the HESA program on both the IUB and IUPUI campuses, as well as doctoral students, faculty members, and alumni, can submit articles to the journal.

    Q: What can I submit?

    A: A person can submit any article or paper that has been done in any HESA or education-related class, as well as academic material composed outside the classroom as long as the topic is related to current issues in higher education and student affairs.

    Q: How long can my submission be?

    A: Submissions should not be longer than 20 double-spaced, typewritten pages, including 50-75 word abstract and tables (not including references). Exceptions should be discussed with the co-editors prior to submission.

    Q: When do I turn in my submission?

    A: Article submissions are due by Wednesday, January 14, 2015 by 5 p.m. through the Scholarworks website.