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Indiana University Swing Dance Club

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Directions to the IU Campus

Bloomington is about 50 miles south of Indianapolis on Hwy 37. From the north, exit Hwy 37 at the College Avenue/Walnut Street exit. (The first Bloomington exit.) From the south, exit Hwy 37 at the Hwy 46 Bypass.

From either direction you will end up at the intersection of Walnut Street and the 46 Bypass. (Denny's and McDonald's are on the corners.) Walnut Street will divide at the south side of this intersection, into Walnut Street (north-bound) and College Avenue (south-bound). Follow College Avenue, south, to 7th Street. Turn left (east) onto 7th, and follow to the intersection with Indiana Avenue. At this point, you choose...

1) To reach the IMU or HPER parking lots: proceed east on 7th, and cross the intersection with Woodlawn. At the control booth, the IMU parking lot is to your right, and the HPER parking lot is to your left.

2) On evenings and weekends, you can park for free in the residential area around 7th & Indiana.

For more Maps and Parking Information. Read Below.

If you are coming from a distance, please check the web page before you come to make sure plans haven't been altered. (Occasionally, a room may change at the last minute.) You may call the IMU for general information, including directions or confirmation that an event is scheduled in one of the Union rooms, at (812) 856-6381.


Directions to IMU rooms:  the Frangipani Room, Alumni Hall, and the Georgian Room

The Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) is located at 900 E 7th Street. (This is east of the intersection with Indiana Avenue, but west of the IU Auditorium.) Once at the Union, if in doubt as to where to find a specific room, you can always enter through the hotel entrance near the main parking lot and ask at the hotel desk for directions to the individual rooms.

The Frangipani Room is located on the Mezzanine floor. From the hotel entrance, go up the stairs next to the statue, and head past the lounge. The Frangipani is just down the hall a bit, on your right.

Alumni Hall is on the first floor, clear at the other end of the IMU. From Frangi, proceed down the hall past the bookstore, food court, travel office, etc. Go up the stairs next to the iMacs and turn left. Alternatively, you can enter through the doors on the north or south sides of the building near the "tower". From either of these entrances, go up one floor. If you enter the doors on the south side of the building near the Whittenberger Auditorium, you are already on the correct floor. Just go down the hall past the Georgian Room and the bookstore, and through the study lounge to Alumni Hall.

The Georgian Room in on the first floor (the same as Alumni Hall). From the Frangipani Room, just go up the stairs across from the Sugar & Spice shop and you're there. The most direct entrance to access the Georgian Room is the Whittenberger Auditorium entrance (on the south side of the building) with the large (Greek/Roman) statue just inside the door. Proceed to your left as you enter, and the room is on your right, near the stairs.

Directions to HPER rooms

The School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) building is across 7th Street from the IMU, up the hill. Once in the building, you just have to follow signs and/or ask around to find the specific rooms you seek. The most important tip we can offer is that some entrances require passing through the appropriate (men's or women's) locker room... so don't think you've reached a dead end!

Maps and Directions (includes a map of the building)
The easiest way to get to the room is to go to the back door, inbetween the HPER building and the Art Museum. It is right across from the big red dumpsters.

Google Map

Interactive Campus Map

Parking Lot Information
Parking in all University garages is free from 6:00 PM Friday until 7:00 AM Monday. This does not include IMU Paid Lot No. 1 and IMU Paid Lot No. 2. The closest is Jordan and 11th&Fee parking garages.