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New School T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association was formed to provide an organization for teachers and practitioners of Grandmaster William C.C. Chen's T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Founded in 1994 it offers instruction and certification to students at Indiana University, the I.U. T'ai Chi Ch'uan Club, the University of Indianapolis and individuals in the Bloomington and Indianapolis communities. It provides certified instructors and is the certifying agent for T'ai Chi Ch'uan program at those institutions. It organizes seminars with Grandmaster William C.C. Chen,
Dr. Ping-Siang Tao, and other master teachers. Through classes, seminars and social activities it endeavors to promote Grandmaster William C.C. Chen style T'ai Chi Ch'uan specifically, and other T'ai Chi Ch'uan and martial arts in general.


T'ai Chi Ch'uan Martial Arts Certification Program

The Martial Arts Certification Program prepares students to teach T'ai Chi Ch'uan as a martial art. The curriculum covers punch-block and locking applications for Grandmaster William C.C. Chen's Short form. The program also focuses on the interactive practices of push hands (T'ui Shou) and freestyle San Shou. Students will also be exposed to basic kicking applications and situational self-defense. This program partially fulfills the requirements for the I.U. Martial Arts Certificate program.  Completion of all 9 levels prepares the student to instruct Grandmaster William C.C. Chen's:

  • Short form and form applications (punch-block and locking)

  • Sword form

  • Push Hands

  • San Shou

These classes are taught at the IU T'ai Chi Ch'uan Club. Please check the club schedule for their practice times and other details.



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