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What is T'ai Chi Ch'uan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan)?
T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a Chinese martial art that emphasizes balance and body coordination rather than muscle strength. This martial art requires relaxation of the mind and body and it is therefore not only practiced for developing physically, but also mentally. The set of T'ai Chi movements can be practiced slowly as a form of meditation or be adapted for self defense training.


Who can practice and benefit from T'ai Chi Ch'uan?
Anyone can practice irrespective of age, gender or athletic ability. Because T'ai Chi Ch'uan does not rely on muscle power it is not only practiced by trained athletes. It does, however, provide an excellent cross training method for athletes while being accessible to people who do not consider themselves to be athletic. The regular practice of T'ai Chi Ch'uan helps increase body coordination, balance, overall fitness and health. It has also helped many students increase their concentration, lower their stress and anxiety levels and they have found that their academic studies have benefitted greatly.

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