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Sifu Charles Pearce

A senior student of internationally recognized T'ai Chi Ch'uan Grandmaster William C.C. Chen Chen, Instructor Pearce has achieved the highest level of certification and has over fifteen years of teaching experience. His training includes Karate, Hapkido and T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Currently, Instructor Pearce teaches T'ai Chi Ch'uan for the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University-Bloomington and conducts seminars and workshops throughout the United States.


David Fisher

David Fisher has been studying Tai Chi Chuan at Indiana University since 2010. During the 2013-14 academic year, he was living in NYC and studied intensively with Grandmaster William CC Chen, resulting in his certification by Grandmaster Chen as a teacher. He likes to punch things and push people and in his spare time is a professor in the IU mathematics department.

Madeleine Gonin

Madeleine Gonin has been studying T'ai Chi Ch'uan since she enrolled in her first course at Indiana University in 1997. She was certified in T'ai Chi Ch'uan in 2002 through New School T'ai Chi Ch'uan and in 2004 through Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. She received her Diploma from Grandmaster Chen in 2014. She is also a certified Rape Aggression Defense instructor. To support her Tai chi habit she works for IU as an Instructional Technology Consultant. To keep out of trouble she is also working on her Ph.D. in Motor Learning.


Daniel Martin

Dan Martin has been studying tai chi since his move to southern Indiana in 1997. He began studying with Master Jody Curley at the Monroe County YMCA. He completed Master Curley's Five Element program in 2005. Dan has been a regular IU T'ai Chi Ch'uan club member since 2004. He received his teaching certificate from Grandmaster William CC Chen in 2014.



Thank you to our previous instructors:
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Marc Marshall
Matt Gallup
Ross Durrer
Adam Huse
Drew Carlstrom
Holly Donaldson
Jae Chung
Winston Price



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