The forms outlines, videos, and belt test sheets provided on this page are all excellent resources to make use of. Make sure you ask your instructor if you have any questions regarding a form or belt testing requirements.


Poomse (Forms)

Start each form in Junbi (ready position). Remember to point your non-blocking hand in the direction you are turning/moving before you start the blocking/striking movement. Upon hearing the command "Sijak" you may begin. Upon hearing the command "Geuman" return to Junbi (ready position). If you have questions about a form, please see your instructor or a black belt from club.

Note: The following forms outlines and videos do not replace learning the form from someone qualified to teach them.

To learn more about forms click the link below.


Belt Testing Requirements

Promotion tests are held twice each semester for ranks up through brown belt. After that you're expected to wait at least one full semester between each rank. The following belt test sheets outline the basic criteria candidates will be judged on to determine promotion to each rank.

To learn more about promotion tests and judging for promotion tests click the link below.


Self-Defense and Personal Safety

One of the main goals of martial arts training is to teach techniques of self-defense. Hopefully the need to employ these techniques will never arise, but in the event that you do find yourself in a dangerous situation, it's to your advantage to be prepared. The following resource provides helpful information about self-defense techniques and associated laws: