Borrower Website Registration Instructions

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  • Select Campus from the Lending Institutions list.
    • For Bloomington - choose Indiana University - IUBLA
    • For Indianapolis - choose Indiana University - IUINA
    • For Columbus - choose Indiana University - IUCOA
    • For East - choose Indiana University - IUEAA
    • For Kokomo - choose Indiana University - IUKOA
    • For Northwest - choose Indiana University - IUNWA
    • For South Bend - choose Indiana University - IUSBA
    • For South East - choose Indiana University - IUSEA
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  • Continue with on screen instructions

CALL UAS at 1-800-723-2210 (M-F 7:00-5:00 CST) for customer service, payments, and benefits.

Benefits of using UAS's UASEcho borrower web site:

  • Select a Preferred Document Delivery Method (i.e. electronic, paper copy)
  • Grant and Revoke Access to Other Individuals Regarding the Borrower's Account Information/Complete FERPA Authorization
  • Monitor Inbox for Billing Statements and Other Correspondence Pertaining to Loans
  • Create/Update Bank Account Information
  • Submit One-Time or Recurring Payments
  • View Account Details/Balances
  • View Payment History
  • Link to Benefit Forms
  • Update Personal Information/Mailing Address
  • Update Reference Information

UAS will be providing the following services on behalf of Indiana University:

  • Customer service for clients in enrolled, grace and repayment status
  • Processing payments and benefit forms
  • Generating the monthly invoice for your IU-based student loans
  • Providing electronic promissory note
  • Providing electronic exit interviews