Interested in becoming a member?

Contact one of the Club Officers or just come by HPER 293 during one of our Club practices!


Not quite sure yet? 

Check us out on Facebook or join our mailing list to figure out if anything is currently going on that you might be interested in. Always feel free to just keep surfing our webpage or drop us an email.


Who can join?

Everybody, regardless of their level!!!

We host players with a very wide range of skill levels, from Beginners that never had a paddle in their hand to Advanced players that regularly participate in USATT sanctioned tournaments in Indiana and some of the adjacent states. This allows us to run a system in which the advanced players compete on the national level, while coaching and sharing their experience with lower level players.


Membership fees!

Our membership fee is $10/semester.

IU Table Tennis Club membership fees are used for equipment used by members during coaching and practice time such as Balls, Nets, Robots and Barricades. The Collegiate Team and the Coach are supported through fundraisers and events that are held by the club. Members must fill a Waiver Form available at HPER Membership Services.


Why join the club rather than play for free at HPER or SRSC?

As a student, staff/faculty you can borrow tables, nets and even paddles from HPER or SRSC so you may wonder why you should pay an extra $10 per semester for joining the club... here is why!!


Becoming an Active Member!

Points System Per Semester

Points per activity attended

Total points available

1pt per Practice


6pts per Tournament


5pts per Community Service


10pts per Fundraising


10pts for being an officer




In order to qualify for team try-outs you must have earned at least 20pts in Fundraising, 5pts in Community Service, and 6pts from Tournaments. You must also earn atleast 46pts before the date of tournament travel.

A total of at least 70pts must be earned in order to go to the free social activity at the end of the semester.

A total of at least 90pts must be earned in order to get the membership fee waived for the next semester.