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Visitor Information Center

Visitor Information Center

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Breaking Away

Breaking Away trailer on YouTube

If you really want a treat, watch Breaking Away, the Oscar Award-winning movie made in Bloomington.

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About Us

The mission of the IU Visitor Information Center is to reflect the university's unique spirit and character while creating a friendly and hospitable environment for campus visitors. It is a full-service facility that has been open since 1998. Funding for the center is provided by the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President.

Our services

We supply maps, guides, and tours, as well as comprehensive information about Indiana University, the Bloomington community, and surrounding areas.

Come in and rest for a while in our comfortable setting. We offer coffee, tea, and light refreshments for our guests. We also have a television for your convenience.

Use our telephones to call any campus departments you plan to visit. You will find computers available to search for more specific information about the university's outstanding academic programs and rich campus culture.

Our location

The IU Visitor Information Center is located in the Carmichael Center, at the corner of Kirkwood and Indiana Avenues, right across the street from the Sample Gates, the symbolic entrance to Indiana University's Bloomington campus.

Our staff

The center is run by director Nicole Griffin and a staff of current IU students. Each student brings with them a special talent that adds to our success. The student staff shares in the decision making, as well as the implementation of innovative programs.

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