Program Fees & Funding

Program Fees & Airfare

For the summer of 2016, program fees will range from $3,800 to $4,650 for the five or six-week program and include all course-related fees, host family stays and program-related excursions and expenses. Not included is airfare to and from the host country plus personal expenses and several meals on overnight excursions. Please note that some group flights depart from Chicago and that travel to and from the group departure airport is not included. The analysis of how IUHPFL fees compare to other study abroad programs may be helpful when a guardian considers a study abroad program for their son or daughter.

Country City Program Fee Airfare
Austria Graz $4,350 $1,562-$1,724
Chile Viña del Mar $4,300 $1,562-$1,724
China Hangzhou $4,100* $1,562-$1,724
France Brest $4,650 $1,562-$1,724
Saumur $4,650 $1,562-$1,724
St. Brieuc $4,650 $1,562-$1,724
Mexico Mérida $3,800 $804
Spain Ciudad Real $4,650 $1,562-$1,724
León $4,650 $1,562-$1,724
Oviedo $4,650 $1,562-$1,724

*Students traveling to China will also pay an additional $200 in visa fees.

Miscellaneous fees include the language test registration at the beginning of the program cycle, a potential passport application fee, travel to and from testing, possible interviews and orientation as well as potential postage for certain acceptance forms. While participation in the IUHPFL is a significant investment, the program is priced much more competitively than most international and even U.S. foreign language summer programs. This is possible because Indiana University is committed to making IUHPFL as affordable as possible for students and, for that reason, manages its resources efficiently while offering aid to those who need financial assistance to take advantage of this unique opportunity. It is IUHPFL’s goal to continue to improve the quality of the IUHPFL year after year and give as much funding to its students as possible.

Based on its self-funded model and effort to provide students as much financial support as possible, the IUHPFL is able to offer the highest quality program at a lower rate than other study abroad programs.

Payment Process

Program Fees are due in three installations: the first installation is made upon acceptance into the IUHPFL, typically in February or March of the travel year. At this point, students incur two immediate expenses, the initial program and airfare deposit, to secure their slot as a participant. The complete payment schedule can be reviewed below and in the Program Schedule.

  • A non-refundable initial payment of $750. This initial payment contributes towards the upfront costs of deposits made for accommodations onsite. 
  • A $750 airfare deposit towards round-trip flights. For the students' safety and security, and also for the logistical ease of the program, we require that all students traveling to the same site must fly together on the same group flights to and from the host country. 

The second installation is due in April and equals one half of the remaining program fee (minus the $750 initial payment) plus the remaining airfare balance. The third installation is due around mid-May and covers the remaining balance of program fees. 

IUHPFL Payment Schedule 2016
Which Student Type of Payment Amount

Due Date

Students Accepted without Interview

1. Airfare Deposit

$750 02.26.2016

2. Program Fee Downpayment

$750 02.26.2016
Students Accepted with Interview

1. Airfare Deposit

$750 03.25.2016

2. Program Fee Downpayment

$750 03.25.2016
All Students

3. One Half of Remaining Program Fee


4. Remaining Airfare


5. Remaining Program Fee


Accepted students who have not paid the balance in full by the last payment deadline, will not be able to participate in the program. 


The IUHPFL strives to provide detailed information about financing the program for its participants as it understands the significant financial commitment the program requires. Funding resources include guardians and family members, financial aid, fundraising and scholarships.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for students applying to the IUHPFL. Financial Aid through the IUHPFL is provided in the form of a reduction in program fees, not a loan that needs to be repaid.

The IUHPFL office uses an online assessment tool, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), to determine how financial aid is distributed to applicants. Financial aid for the IUHPFL is distributed based upon individual family need and has varied in amounts received up to $1,200.

Even though IUHPFL uses the FAFSA as a tool to figure the expected family contribution, the office determines the need for financial aid based solely on the pool of program applicants, independent of Indiana University at large. Over the past two program cycles, on average, over 60 percent of students who applied for Financial Aid received it.

Students' needs for Financial Aid will have no bearing on students' selection to participate in the IUHPFL. Students are encouraged to download more information about the Financial Aid application process and the instructions on how to apply for the FAFSA.