Congratulations to accepted students who will spend their summer studying abroad with the IUHPFL in Asia, Central and South America, or Europe! The program is very competitive and being accepted is an important milestone. In order to make the study abroad experience the best it can be, students and guardians are required to provide several important documents at specific times.

The IUHPFL will work diligently to provide students with an amazing and unforgettable experience abroad. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and plans for funding the experience with their family and close friends. Students interested in fundraising may visit the sponsorship and fundraising information and download the fundraising letter for accepted students.

Students and guardians are also encouraged to review the program's orientation and travel dates to confirm that schedules can be met. Orientations are mandatory and all students are required to travel with their groups to the destination abroad.

Documents and Payments

Over the next few months, several documents and payments are due to the IUHPFL. For a complete overview of these items, students and guardians may want to carefully review all due dates and download the Program Schedule.

Guardians may want to review the payment dates to ensure that all payments are made on time. Each student receives one invoice with the total balance and an invoice number which s/he must always provide when submitting payments. To make this process as easy as possible, payments are required in three parts.

If a student also fundraises, these funds may be sent at any time. Donors must provide the student’s name and invoice number so that funds can be assigned correctly. To help donors with their payments, students may want to provide copies of the original invoice. This way, all payments can be accounted for quickly.


Orientation will take place at the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) on the Indiana University-Bloomington campus. Final acceptance to the program is contingent upon successful completion of the orientation. Thus attendance is mandatory for participants and at least one parent/guardian. The IUHPFL highly recommends attending the Orientation scheduled for the student's specific site, as it will be the only opportunity for him/her to engage with peers and instructors before departure. The IUHPFL understands that some conflicts are inevitable and in such cases students may attend an orientation for a different program site. What is not allowable is for students and guardians to miss orientation altogether. Make-up orientation sessions are not offered.

Travel Dates

All programs travel abroad in June and conclude by the end of July. All participants receive detailed itineraries from the travel agency and should keep in mind that airlines frequently change timetables. Therefore, students and their guardians should confirm departure and arrival times with their respective airlines.

An overview of travel dates by program is listed below:

Country City
Departure Return
Austria Graz 06.10.2016 07.18.2016
Chile Viña del Mar 06.10.2016 07.23.2016
China Hangzhou 06.09.2016 07.14.2016
France Brest 06.07.2016 07.19.2016
Saumur 06.08.2016 07.20.2016
St. Brieuc 06.06.2016 07.19.2016
Mexico Mérida 06.09.2016 07.21.2016


Ciudad Real

06.07.2016 07.19.2016
León 06.08.2016 07.20.2016
Oviedo 06.06.2016 07.18.2016