Medical Insurance

All students receive insurance coverage, most sites are provided with HTH Worldwide Insurance Services (HTH) for the duration of the program. Mérida and Viña del Mar are provided with Cultural Insurance Serves International (CISI) for the duration of the program.

Should a student become ill while abroad, s/he should see a physician. On all program sites, well-known physicians provide excellent healthcare. Students will incur the cost out-of-pocket for any medical bills or visits, however, they can be reimbursed by the insurance company, provided the physician fills out the Insurance Claim Form provided by HTH or CISI, and provided the student keeps all detailed documentation of medical treatment received (including signed prescriptions, receipts from pharmacies, clinics, etc.) to send them to the insurance company with the claim. Without documentation, the insurance company cannot provide reimbursement.

The IUHPFL recommends that students acquire additional medical coverage, i.e. via the guardian's insurance, for any emergency that would require extensive care, and some illnesses may have limited coverage, including mental and nervous disorders. Please refer to the HTH Certification of Coverage at the bottom of the page for more information. Students will want to carry an identification card or other documentation from their insurance company that would prove coverage.

In addition to medical coverage, HTH and CISI provide students with political and security evacuation coverage. 

If students plan to travel independently before or after the program ends, they may need to purchase supplemental medical insurance to cover the additional time abroad. Students are only insured by HTH Worldwide Insurance Services or Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for the duration of the program. 

Students and guardians are encouraged to take time to read through the information about coverage when it comes available:

To file a claim, students and guardians can visit HTH's website or CISI's website according to the insurance provider for their program site. For more information about student health and safety abroad, students and guardians should consult the IUHPFL Student Handbook, located under the Orientation tab.