All orientations are held at the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) on the Indiana University campus, Bloomington, from approximately 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Students and at least one guardian should arrive by 9:00 a.m. for registration. Please review parking information and directions as Indiana University's campus is often quite busy and parking opportunities limited.

All accepted students plus at least one guardian must attend their orientation. Final acceptance into the program is contingent upon successful completion of the orientation, which is considered the first day of the program experience. Students should bring a backpack to orientation as they will receive their course packets and additional materials. 

As communicated previously, students should attend their program’s scheduled orientation. Each presentation is customized for the specific site and much information specific to the country and site is given. Students will meet their instructors and have a first chance to mingle with fellow classmates. This exciting opportunity to “bond” represents an important step in the IUHPFL experience and further ensures the student’s success in the program.

The IUHPFL understands that some conflicts are inevitable and in such cases students may attend an orientation for a different program site. What is not allowable is for students and guardians to miss orientation altogether. Make-up orientation sessions are not offered.

If students are unable to attend their specific program’s orientation, they should understand that they will not be able to meet their program instructors or the other students attending their program until departure. Each orientation includes a general introduction by the IUHPFL Director and numerous customized sessions about various aspects of the program.

Student Handbook

Students and their guardians receive two hard copies of the Site-specific Student Handbook at orientation. This handbook details much information about the preparation process before departure, including travel information, helpful tips and various reference materials. Students and their guardians are expected to read the Handbook thoroughly before departure, so that all program policies and procedures are well understood and followed. For your convenience, please find digital versions of the Student/Guardian Handbook for each site below.

Brest Mérida
Ciudad Real Oviedo
Graz Saumur
Hangzhou St. Brieuc
León Viña del Mar


The Student Handbook also contains extensive information for guardians to help them understand the details of their student's schedule, communication flow and travel preparation. It further explains the limits on communication and how to deal with various communication scenarios, including emergencies.