Travel Information

Arrangements and payments for all required group flights are handled by Travel Leaders, the official IUHPFL travel agency partner.

Group flights begin and end at the Indianpolis International Airport for all groups except those traveling to Graz, Austria whose flight begins and ends at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Travel to and from Chicago is not included in the group flight and arrangements must be made to either travel by car or connecting flight. Students and guardians may work through Travel Leaders to book domestic flights, or they may book flights on their own. Either way, the IUHPFL requests to be informed of every student’s mode of arrival to Chicago.

Some instructors accompanying students abroad will begin and end travel in Indianapolis and utilize domestic flights to and from Chicago. In some cases IUHPFL instructors may be on the same domestic non-group flights as students. However, they will not assume chaperone responsibilities until the official group travel begins.


IUHPFL highly discourages deviating from the group travel plan. This policy ensures that students — as minors — travel in a safe and chaperoned environment with their fellow students and under the guidance of their instructors. Group travel also serves to deepen the bond between students and instructors while providing opportunities to learn and share important information about study abroad and the specific program site.

If a deviation cannot be avoided, students and their guardians are solely responsible for all legal and financial ramifications involved as well as travel arrangements, such as pick-up and drop-off to or from the group. If a deviation must be made— any deviations must be booked on or before March 25, 2016— IUHPFL recommends deviating after the program concludes abroad. Should students deviate from group travel, students and guardians must sign the necessary paperwork provided by IUHPFL to document the deviation. 

Travel Leaders
Attn: Debbie Isom
814 S Walnut St.
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 339-7800