Program Updates

The IUHPFL strives to communicate effectively by contacting teachers and counselors with important information on time and regularly. Nearly all communication happens through e-mail, often in the form of personal or school-specific e-mails.

General e-mails about the program's process, next steps or updates are posted below.

February 2016

IU Response to Spread of Zika Virus

Indiana University is not restricting travel or participation in study abroad programs in response to reports of the Zika virus around the world, including the U.S. The Office of Overseas Study encourages all students abroad and other IU travelers to review CDC Travel Information and World Health Organization Information and to take appropriate precautions. 

Indiana University officials will continue to monitor the situation in case the situation necessitates programmatic changes.  See IU-specific resources.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.

IU Honors Program in Foreign Languages
Leo R. Dowling International Center
111 South Jordan Avenue
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405-7709

Ph: 812-855-7957
Fax: 812-855-1142

December 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dear Students, Parents, and Teachers -

In light of the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris and the ongoing refugee crisis throughout Europe, Indiana University and its internationally focused programs continue to closely monitor the security situation around the world. 

IUHPFL holds as its top priority the health, safety and security of its students and instructors who participate in our summer programs. While we cannot guarantee the safety of any individual in any specific location, we continually gather information from official sources, as well as from our international partners and colleagues, in order to implement and maintain reasonable precautions during all of our programs in Austria, Chile, China, France, Mexico, and Spain.

At this time, IU is not recommending that any of its university students who are currently participating in programs abroad return to the United States nor that students in the U.S. postpone plans to study abroad during the upcoming spring and summer sessions. Therefore, IUHPFL is moving forward as usual with plans for all 10 of our program sites. 

As part of our decision-making process, IUHPFL takes under advisement the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts, as is standard procedure for U.S. institutions engaged in education abroad programming. It is recommended that interested parties consult this website regularly for security updates from around the globe. 

We also encourage you to visit the IUHPFL website throughout the spring semester for updates related to specific IUHPFL programs and to contact us with questions at

We look forward to celebrating our 54th summer in 2016 and thank you for your continued support of the life-changing international experiences we provide to Indiana high school students.

Kind regards,
Loni Dishong
Managing Director
IU Honors Program in Foreign Languages

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October 2015


Greetings, Indiana Teachers of Japanese!

For almost 54 years, Indiana high school students have been traveling with the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages (IUHPFL) to various countries for 5 to 6 week summer study abroad programs.  Our current programs in Austria, Chile, China, France, Mexico and Spain provide a unique cultural experience to advance students’ acquisition of their selected second language.

We are excited to announce the decision to expand the IUHPFL program into Osaka, Japan for Summer 2017! We are eager to begin collaborating with you and your students to share this invaluable language immersion opportunity. Starting in Fall 2016, we will begin recruiting high school Japanese students of level III or higher.  Preference will be given to sophomore, junior, and senior students. continued...

September 2015


Greetings, IUHPFL High School Coordinators! 

Registration for the IUHPFL language tests in French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish has been extended to Monday, October 5th!

Please remind your students and their guardians to register and pay the $15 test fee online through our website.  If you have past program participants in your classrooms, please encourage them to share their IUHPFL experiences with their peers, perhaps in the form of presentations or question and answer sessions. We have a PowerPoint presentation available on our website for you or an alum of the program to use as well. continued...


Greetings from the IUHPFL office! 

Our office wanted to take the opportunity to communicate when IUHPFL coordinators can expect to receive final evaluations of this summer’s participants.

Instructor teams compile final evaluations for students post program. Once instructors submit final evaluations to the IUHPFL office, we then review and print them to send to IUHPFL coordinators at their respective high schools. We are currently preparing those packets to be mailed out to you later this week. continued...

August 2015

ATTN: World Language Teachers 

Greetings from the IUHPFL Office!

We hope your foreign language students have returned to your classroom with confidence and enthusiasm. During the summer of 2015, IUHPFL sent its largest number of students abroad yet. It was another successful year, thanks in part to dedicated high school teachers like you!
To introduce our 2015-2016 program cycle, we will mail to you in the next few days a packet with the following materials:

  • IUHPFL Promotional Bookmarks to be distributed to all foreign language students interested in the program. The Self-Evaluation on the back asks students to consider a series of questions before taking the language test to apply to the program. All students interested in IUHPFL should visit the self-evaluation on our website to assess the program’s suitability to their goals and objectives.  
  • IUHPFL Factsheet, an overview of the program to be distributed to interested students, their parents and other teachers, also downloadable from the IUHPFL website.
  • IUHPFL Competitive Analysis, an overview of how IUHPFL compares to other popular study abroad programs, to be distributed to interested students, their parents and other teachers, also downloadable from the IUHPFL website.
  • IUHPFL Poster to be placed prominently in the hallway or foreign language classroom. continued...