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The Office of Overseas Study has tried to simplify the process through which students apply to participate in IU programs abroad.

If an applicant meets all eligibility requirements indicated on the program’s Web flyer as well as the general requirements noted in the Office of Overseas Study’s Academic Policies, and is considered a good match for the program, acceptance is likely. However, some programs do have space limitations and at times must turn away qualified applicants simply due to the level of demand. If you would like to determine your eligibility prior to submitting an application, please visit the Information Center and speak with an advisor during walk-in hours.

IU Overseas Study Application Information

Applicants should file on-line applications and submit ALL required supporting materials by the program deadline. Consideration of applications will not begin until the deadline has passed. We do not offer rolling admissions. Prospective applicants should apply for a passport now; many participants will need to have passports in hand several months in advance of travel in order to secure required visa or residency permits.

Supporting Materials

Most applications will require submission of the following:

  • Online application form. Form collects personal and academic data.
  • Personal essay. Essay questions are designed to elicit relevant information about your background, skills and qualifications as well as appropriateness for the specific academic and cultural environment in which your program operates.
  • Letters of recommendation. References from faculty and instructors with whom you have studied previously, possibly including those with whom you studied a relevant foreign language.
  • Transcripts. Depending upon the requirements of host institutions and provider organizations, applicants must submit copies of unofficial and/or official transcripts.
  • Agreement and Release form. This form details the obligations of both the program participant and Overseas Study. Applicants (and the parent or guardian of dependent students) must read and sign the form.
  • Miscellaneous additional materials. Specific program may require submission of résumés, supplemental forms, photos or other documents.

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