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The Office of Overseas Study encourages all students to consider making study abroad part of their degree program at Indiana University. And we welcome GLBT students who meet our eligibility requirements to participate in our programs. In an attempt to assist you with what may be a challenging transition from your life here in the United States, we:

  • Provide a bibliography about the GLBT community from an international perspective.
  • Include sections in our handbooks about sexual identity.
  • Encourage our program sites overseas to keep information available about local GLBT support groups.
  • Stay in close contact with the GLBT Student Support Services office on the IUB campus.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the study abroad experience, related to your sexual orientation or otherwise, please contact an advisor in the Office of Overseas Study.

Identity: Sexual and Gender Expression Abroad
This essay, published by CIEE in pamphlet form through their Knowledge Series, is an overview of issues related to sexual orientation and gender expression, particularly with regards to how these may impact a student's experience while studying outside the U.S.

Additional resources and information about GLBT issues abroad can be found at NAFSA's Rainbow Special Interest Group Web site. This site is maintained by staff of Indiana University and produced by international education professionals who specialize in GLBT issues.

It is vital that IU train students for our country’s growing international responsibilities.”

-Edward L. Hutton, IU Alumnus and Benefactor

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