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IU Co-Sponsored Program

  • Provincial city of 300,000 only 30 minutes from Madrid
  • Birthplace of Miguel de Cervaules, author of Don Quixote de la Mandra
  • Late June- late July
Program Organization
  • Summer Program offered by Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) at the Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Estudios Norteamericanos de la Universidad de Alcalá (the Institute)
  • Approximately 120 foreign students
  • Local excursions in Alcalá de Hernares and Madrid as well as field trips to nearby sites of historical interest in Spain
Academic Program
  • Summer Language and Culture program* track (Session II only)
  • Courses in advanced Spanish language, culture, and literature taught in Spanish
  • 10-20 students per class

*Note: IU selectively co-sponsors CIEE program offerings, including the one described on this page, but not all CIEE tracks/offerings. Please contact Overseas Study for clarification.

Course Load

  • 6 IU credits for any two courses:
    • Contemporary Spain through the Media (HISP-S 317 or HISP-OS 300**)
    • Icons and Traditions of Spain (HISP-S 317 or HISP-OS 300**)
    • Introduction to Reading, Writing, and Conversation (HISP-OS 100*)
    • Spanish Civilization (HISP-S 411)
    • Cervantes and His Work (HISP-S 450)
    • Commercial Spanish (HISP-S 315)
    • Contemporary Spain (HISP-S 411)
    • Contemporary Spanish Literature (HISP-S 408)
    • Spanish Art History (FINA-OS 100*)
    • Spanish Phonetics (HISP-S 317***)
    • Spanish Politics and Government (POLS-OS 100*)
    • Survey of Literary Analysis (HISP-S 333)
    • Writing Skills (HISP-S 312)

*OS 100 is the default designation to identify courses recorded as undistributed elective credit that has not yet been evaluated by an IU department for a specific equivalency. The OS 100 courses can count in total hours toward graduation.

**Courses designated as OS 300 have been evaluated by teh Spanish department and awarded 300-level credit. HISP-OS 300 will only be awarded when HISP-S 317 is not feasable.

***Students taking Spanish Phonetics can petition the Spanish department for a Phonetics course equivalent upon completion of the program by submitting course materials to the Spanish department.

  • Spanish homes (one student per home)
Additional Program Information
You may apply if you
  • are a student at any Indiana University campus who is making normal academic progress,
  • have taken or are enrolled in at least sixth semester Spanish,
  • have at least a B average in Spanish, and
  • have approximately a 2.75 cumulative GPA.
Complete eligibility criteria and selection criteria are outlined within the Academic Policies and Procedures of the Office of Overseas Study. Selection is based on maturity, seriousness of purpose, and appropriateness of match between program and applicant. Students on disciplinary probation during program period are not eligible.
Financial Aid
How to Apply for this Program

Application Deadline

  • Summer 2010: February 15, 2010

IU committee screens applications; final approval from CIEE.

Notification of application status sent electronically within 4 weeks of application deadline.

Estimated Costs

Summer 2010

  • IU portion of fee: $370
  • CIEE portion of fee*: $4,275 (includes tuition, housing and all meals, orientation, field trips and insurance)
  • See IU Fee Sheet for additional cost and payment details.

* Special discounted CIEE fee for IU students.

Initial prepayment of $500 due March 12, 2010.

Airfare, personal expenses and vacation travel additional.