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IU Co-Sponsored Program

  • Historic city
  • Home to the prestigious University of Oxford for nine centuries
  • One hour northwest of London
  • Early October to Late June
Academic Program
  • Full range of courses in the humanities, social sciences, math, music and physical sciences at the University of Oxford (11,700 students among 38 colleges)
  • Ideal for students to take courses in their major and/or minor
  • Course work is the same as degree-seeking students at Oxford
  • Academic tutor assists students with scheduling and course selection
  • Highly competitive admissions process, particularly for popular majors (i.e. English and Biochemistry)
  • 2-4 IU students

Course Load

  • 32-36 IU credits for three terms
  • 4 courses across the terms (although some courses vary in length)
  • Lectures, seminars and tutorials with an emphasis on independent preparation and writing
  • Single room at St. Anne’s College (academic and residential home to 446 students, including 25 visiting students from U.S.)
  • Regular contact with an assigned personal tutor at St. Anne’s
Additional Program Information

You may apply if you

  • are a student at any Indiana University campus who is making normal academic progress,
  • are in at least your fourth full-time semester of college,
  • have significant background (12-15 credits) in a field you can pursue at Oxford, and
  • have a 3.7 cumulative GPA.
Complete eligibility criteria and selection criteria are outlined within the Academic Policies and Procedures of the Office of Overseas Study. Selection is based on maturity, seriousness of purpose, and appropriateness of match between program and applicant. Students on disciplinary probation are not eligible.
Financial Aid
How to Apply for this Program

Application Deadline

  • Academic Year 2010-11: February 24, 2010

Required interview for applicants (further instructions will be provided).

Notification of application status sent electronically within 2 weeks of interview.

Estimated Costs

Academic Year 2010-11

  • Fees paid to IU: (tuition, health insurance, orientation)
    • Oxford tuition*: $25,808
    • IU administrative fee and insurance: $1,360
  • Room and Board in Britain: $12,312
  • See IU Fee Sheet for additional cost and payment details. 

* Science students pay additional $1,658

Note: Estimates based on conversion of $1.60 = 1£

Airfare, personal expenses and vacation travel additional.

Initial prepayment of $500 due March 15 for academic year.