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IU Co-Sponsored Program

  • Australia's oldest city—also known as the Harbor City
  • City of four million people surrounded by spectacular natural environment with attractions such as the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge.
  • February to end of June--OR--
    July to November
Program Organization
Academic Program
  • University of Sydney provides an extensive on-site orientation program, offering visits to local landmarks and informational sessions on such topics as safety and security in Sydney and Australia, cultural adjustment, and politics and current affairs in Australia.
  • Participants can take business courses in marketing, finance, management, business law, accounting, and information systems and a wide variety of general education courses.

Course Load

  • 16 IU credits (4 courses)
  • Apartments around Sydney
Additional Program Information

You may apply if you

  • are a business major or are admitted to the Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP)*,
  • are making normal academic progress at any Indiana University campus,
  • have completed at least four full-time semesters of college,
  • have successfully completed (or will complete) ECON E201, ECON E202, and the Business Integrative Core (or equivalent coursework at an IU campus outside Bloomington), and
  • have approximately a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

*LAMP students must have completed BUS K201 and ECON E201 and E202

Complete eligibility criteria and selection criteria are outlined within the Academic Policies and Procedures of the Office of Overseas Study. Selection is based on maturity, seriousness of purpose, and appropriateness of match between program and applicant. Students on disciplinary probation during program period are not eligible.

Financial Aid
How to Apply for this Program

Application Deadline

  • Fall 2010: February 22, 2010
  • Spring 2011: September 2010

IU committee screens applications; final approval from the University of Sydney.

Notification of application status sent electronically within 4 weeks of application deadline.

Estimated Costs

Spring 2010 Semester

  • Fees paid to IU: $650
  • Tuition & fees paid to University of Sydney*: $9,029 (including mandatory health insurance)
  • Average rent: $3,200 - $6,500
  • Books and supplies: $250-$500
  • Meals: $1,500 -1,800
  • See IU Fee Sheet for additional cost and payment details

*will fluctuate with the exchange rate at the time of billing.

Airfare, personal expenses and vacation travel additional.