Strategic Partnerships

Indiana University strives to build an extensive network of partnerships across the world to strengthen opportunities for students at all levels, facilitate research connections among faculty, expand the university’s academic reach through joint programs, and attract international students to IU for advanced study and research. As part of its international engagement plan, IU has identified 32 countries of strategic priority:

  • Western Europe—France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and UK
  • Russia and Eastern Europe—Hungary, Poland, Russia, and Turkey
  • North Africa—Egypt
  • Sub-Saharan Africa—Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa
  • Middle East—Israel, Saudi Arabia, and UAE
  • South Asia—India
  • East Asia—China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan
  • Southeast Asia—Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand
  • Oceania—Australia
  • North America—Canada
  • Latin America—Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico

Each country has been carefully selected by University Institutional Research and Reporting based on:

  • Number of IU international students
  • Number of IU students studying abroad
  • International activity by IU faculty members
  • International rankings
  • Variety of other measures such as qualitative and quantitative rankings; national, regional, and specialized disciplinary rankings; reports and studies

For each country, OVPIA pursues partnerships with top institutions of higher education, working with academic units across IU to identify specific opportunities for collaboration.