Strategic Plan

Renewing Indiana University’s long-held commitment to excellence in international education, research, and engagement, the IU International Strategic Plan advances goals and establishes key principles in four areas:

  1. Global education and service learning abroad
  2. Institutional engagement through international exchanges, affiliations, and strategic partnerships
  3. International faculty research
  4. Pursuit of the international priorities of the state of Indiana

Since its release in 2008, accomplishments of strategic plan goals include:

  • The founding of the School of Global and International Studies and groundbreaking on the construction of its new building
  • A major new endowment to support scholarships for IU undergraduate students who wish to study abroad
  • An increase of 18 percent in the number of IU students who participate in study abroad, with IU Bloomington ranked #7 nationally among colleges and universities for total number of students abroad
  • The implementation of a comprehensive plan for recruitment, enrollment, and retention of top-quality international students
  • An increase of nearly 40 percent in international student enrollments on the IU Bloomington campus: with more than 6,000 international students on campus, IU Bloomington ranks #11 in the nation overall and #4 in international undergraduate students
  • Enhanced support of academic activities and partnerships in key areas of the world, through initiatives such as the establishment of the IU Gateway–India Office in Gurgaon and the IU-Australian National University Pan Asia Institute and the enhancement of our strategic partnerships with Moi University (Kenya) and Sun Yat-sen University (China)
  • Annual publications with extensive international data for strategic decision making

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