IWEB Lesson Plans: Health, Preschool - Kindergarten

Body/Space Awareness, Curling/Melting/Popping

The Floating Head
Teaching the backfloat to pre-school age students requires a "hook" or an inducement for those reluctant ones. I like to use a little magic. I call the phenomenon of backfloating THE FLOATING HEAD.

See those Germs
For students to understand that germs are everywhere and are clearly visible to the naked eye. Students will learn that washing their hands thoroughly will aid in the prevention of spreading germs that they pick up throughout the course of the day on the playground, in the classroom, or at a friends house, etc.

What Causes Tooth Decay
Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in Colorado today. To help students understand the causes and implications of tooth decay, this activity uses vinegar and egg shells in a simulation of teeth decomposition.

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