Most Recent Reviews

Below are the 15 most recent books reviewed by the Journal of Folklore Research. Clicking the links will bring you to the review's own page where you can see complete biblopgraphic information and read the entire review.

Native American Landscapes: An Engendered Perspective (Editor: Cheryl Claassen)
Stories Find You, Places Know (Holly Cusack-McVeigh)
Tales from a Finnish Tupa (Editor: James Cloyd Bowman and Margery Bianco)
A Communion of Shadows: Religion and Photography in Nineteenth-Century America (Rachel McBride Lindsey)
Patterns through Time: An Ethnographer's Quest and Journey (Norman E. Whitten)
Children's Home Musical Experiences Across The World (Editor: Beatriz Ilari and Susan Young)
Meanings of Maple: An Ethnography of Sugaring (Michael Lange)
Border Folk Balladeers: Critical Studies on AmĂ©rico Paredes (Editor: Roberto CantĂș)
The Pleasures of Metamorphosis: Japanese and English Fairy Tale Transformations of "The Little Mermaid" (Lucy Fraser)
Framing Sukkot: Tradition and Transformation in Jewish Vernacular Architecture (Gabrielle Berlinger)
Superman in Myth and Folklore (Daniel Peretti)
Learning, Teaching, and Musical Identity: Voices across Cultures (Editor: Lucy Green)
The Lisu: Far from the Ruler (Michele Zack)
Cosas: Folk Art Travels in Mexico (Linda Grant Niemann)
Traditional Magic Spells for Protection and Healing (Claude Lecouteux)

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