Do not proceed unless you will have fifteen minutes of uninterrupted and undistracted use of the computer. You will also need a working printer, so be sure the printer is operational.

You will see many case histories of medical patients. Each case history will be just a short list of symptoms that the patient suffers. For each case, you make you best guess about the disease the patient has, and then you'll be told the correct answer. For simplicity, the diseases are just labelled A and B.

You must learn these cases well, or else the rest of the experiment is meaningless. Study the correct answer before going on to the next case.

Do not take notes during learning, however. This is an experiment about how your mind remembers associations, not about how paper remembers.

After learning a few dozen cases, you'll move on to a test phase, in which you'll see some of the same old symptom combinations again, but also some new symptom combinations. For these test cases, you make your best guess based on what you learned. After that, your data will be shown to you, along with a worksheet to print out.

If you are ready to spend a few minutes learning, click the "START" button below.