P335 Cognitive Psychology, Prof. John K. Kruschke

Homework 4: A Model of Information Integration

Introduction. Suppose you are deciding to what extent a new acquaintance is worth building a friendship with. Either consciously or unconsciously, you evaluate the acquaintance and decide what to do. Your evaluation might combine many different attributes of the person: Is the person good-natured? bold? humorless? level-headed? unsophisticated? ungrateful? and so forth. How do you combine the various attributes into a single decision about building a friendship?

In general, how do people integrate information when making decisions? This is the question addressed in the present homework. At the end of the homework, in the So what? section, you can read a little more about the ramifications.

Try it yourself. You'll see a series of personal characteristics for a hypothetical person, and you give a rating of how likable such a person would be. After making 36 ratings, you'll take a look at your data and decide whether an "additive integration model" fits your data.

Do not print this page or the rating cases. After the ratings, a message will tell you what to print.

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