Summer Course Development Grants
to Enhance Active Learning

Deadline for application: March 10, 1997

Instructional Support Services is pleased to announce the availability of six to twelve instructional development grants of $1,500 each for the summer of 1997. Offered in conjunction with the Office of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculties, the grants will be awarded for the revision of an undergraduate course in order to more actively engage students in learning. This grant program is intended to encourage the incorporation of significant new elements in a course in order to achieve greater student engagement with skills such as problem-solving, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. This engagement may be accomplished through the use of teaching strategies such as small-group collaboration, case studies, simulations, course projects, enhanced communications, or other innovative approaches to teaching.

Bloomington campus tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible for these awards. Grant recipients will be expected to spend at least two weeks of full-time effort on their projects during the summer of 1997, for a course to be taught during the fall semester, 1997, or spring, 1998. Recipients will also be asked to participate in one or two group planning/working sessions during the summer, to be arranged at mutually agreeable times. A report outlining the implementation and evaluation of the course design or revisions should be produced within a calendar year of the end of the fellowship period. Assistance in developing and assessing course activities, materials, or teaching technologies will be available from members of ISS's Instructional Consulting and Technology staff.

Awards will be made to proposals that best meet the criteria of

1. An instructionally sound, feasible plan for addressing a clearly identified instructional problem or opportunity, through strategies which promote student engagement
2. Significant impact on undergraduate education (e.g., large-enrollment course, or key course in the curriculum)
3. Evidence of the instructor's effectiveness and commitment to the project
4. Creativity and uniqueness of approach
5. Evidence of departmental support (e.g., memorandum of endorsement from the department chair or dean)
6. Commitment for additional funds or resources, if any are required to implement the proposal (e.g., for associate instructors or undergraduate teaching interns)

The deadline for applications is March 10, 1997. Selections will be made by a committee of faculty and staff and announced on or about March 28. If you have a question about this grant program, please contact David Perry, Director of Special Projects, Instructional Support Services, Franklin Hall, Room 004, 855-9023,

To apply for a grant, use the application outline below.

ISS Summer Course Development Grants
to Enhance Active Learning

Deadline: March 10, 1997

Application Outline

In approximately three to four pages, please address the following:

I. Description of the course to be designed or redesigned. Include course goals, typical or expected enrollment, frequency taught, and student profile. Explain the importance of this course to the department's curriculum or to undergraduate education in general.

II. Statement of the instructional problem or opportunity.

III. Description of the plan for addressing the problem described. Be as specific as possible about the new teaching/learning strategies you will introduce to the course. Describe how you plan to evaluate their effectiveness.

IV. Identification of any resources that would be utilized in the completion of the project, in addition to the applicant's own time.
If additional funds would be required for the project, please indicate the source.

In addition to this document, please attach

Please send six (6) copies of the complete application package to

David Perry, Director of Special Projects
Instructional Support Services
Franklin Hall 004

If you would like assistance in preparing an application, please contact one of the following staff members:

Arts & Sciences: Joan Middendorf, 5-2635,
Business: Melissa Carter, 5-7119,
Education: Karen Hallett, 6-8408,
Other schools: David Goodrum, 5-9023,

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