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Syllabus & lecture/lab notes

WARNING - Lecture notes below NOT UPDATED to fall 2018 yet.

  • Week 14 (11/27) - Lecture, but no labs - Final Project Production session - Aim to have a rough cut of the Final Project completed by the end of lab.
  • Week 15 (12/4) - Final Project Screening in lab starting promptly at 8:30 AM. Don't be late!
    • Class evaluations - Please go to and fill out an evaluation of Jim and P351. Please note that these evaluations are for me (the instructor) only- not our AI.

FINAL EXAM: P351 Fall 2018 (scheduled by the Registrar) is 7:15-9:15 PM Friday, December 14 in Studio 5. However we'll have a Final Exam Review Session during our regularly scheduled lecture time: 5:15 PM Tuesday, December 11 in Studio 5. (Expect it to take 30-45 minutes.).

P351 Exercises:

Media assignments (projects, videos, etc.) should be turned in via IUBox unless otherwise specified.

Pre-production, critiques, and other paperwork should be turned in via Canvas

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