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Killer Tracks Music Library

Media School students can be granted access to a Killer Tracks virtual library that we share with RTV (WTIU/WFIU). The provides students access to our virtual library through the Killer Tracks website, which will make it easier for them to search for moods, genres, etc.

NOTES: The Killer Tracks library is to be used in a not-for-profit manner. Students can use it for class projects and staff can use it, for example, to produce web content for the Media School. If a video game created as a class project will later be sold on an app store, that would not be permitted as per the Killer Tracks / Media School / RTV agreement. If a student or faculty/staff member is unsure whether or not a certain use is permitted, please email with "Killer Tracks Use" in the subject line and a description of the potential use.

When a student graduates, they will no longer have access to our Killer Tracks library.

To get a Killer Tracks account:

Students need to submit the information below to ntoe that it will likely take 3-4 business days for the account to become activated.

  • Class Number and Name*
  • Class Instructor**
  • First & Last Name
  • IU Email*

*It must be an IU email address. Any other email address will be ignored. We cannot guarantee that all persons will submit the request from an IU account, so we cannot rely on copying/pasting that information. It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure their email address is entered correctly.

Accessing the old audio library:

A. On a Mac in a Media School computer lab, navigate to Go > Network in the Finder menu bar.
B. Locate and double-click on the media2 network drive.
C. Open Media Library, then open Audio.



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