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Service Learning Clients

Spring 2019 Real-World & Service Learning Clients

Nothing provides a richer learning experience than working with an actual client. The people and organizations below would like IU Media School classes and students to produce videos for them.

P354 & P356 students - The following organizations would like to have 30 or 60-second public service announcements (PSAs) produced for them:

  • CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) Contact: Kristin Bishay, Executive Director Monroe County CASA 201 N. Morton St. – Bloomington, Indiana 47404 (812) 333-2272
  • Friends of Lake Monroe is dedicated to finding solutions to improve the water quality of Lake Monroe. They could use an image/awareness spot. Contact Sherry Mitchell-Bruker
  • Giving Back to Africa - This organization supports a school in the Congo: College des Savoirs. They need a development (fundraising video). The contact is Dena Hawes (812) 340-6649
  • Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan is a group of Indiana citizens who support a publicly financed, privately delivered (single payer) universal health plan at the state and national level. They would like an image/informational PSA outlining what they do. For more info visit: Contact Robe Stone MD or Karen Green Stone
  • IUSF would like editors to assemble commercials out of existing media for the upcoming Little 500. See Jim Krause for more information.
  • LifeDesigns, Inc helps people with disabilities Contact: Stephanie Shelton (sshelton [at]
  • My Sister's Closet provides free work force attire and success training to low-income and at-risk women pursuing employment. Contact: Sandy Keller (812) 369-6582.
  • SCCAP Head Start: They would like a general PSA video discussing their programming and whom they serve; they may be open to a longer form to discuss the need for their work and dispel myths about the population they serve. Contacts: Jasmin Yates (ACE
    Supervisor: Anna Donley (

P351 Students - The following organizations would like longer, informational videos:

  • Eskenazi Museum of Art would like a few informational videos:
    • A Welcome Home video - The museum wants to communicate a sense of welcoming and belonging, reflective of multiple languages and cultures, to guests. The museum’s collections includes objects from nearly every art-producing culture around the planet, across time. Thus, we’d like to communicate a sense of “welcome home” throughout grand reopening year, to invite guests and potential guests from around the world to enjoy the museum. We envision a short video (1 min? 3 min?) to communicate a multicultural greeting “welcome home”, communicated by people speaking multiple languages (sign language included). The Welcome Home message connects with the Provost’s #IUisHome message and video.
    • A video invitation - A key project for grand re-opening, we’ll be launching a Campaign to Invite”, a thoughtful effort to invite all -- students, faculty, artists, scholars, K-12, and the wider public – to experience the museum. Esi Thompson’s class MSCH-PR 429 PR Campaigns will be contributing to this campaign. She mentioned she may like to connect with you to ensure anything they produce is consistent with anything your class(es) produce. Your class would be most welcome to produce a video invitation. For example, you might choose to produce a video invitation targeted to students.
    • Contact: Laura Scheper, Interpretation and Public Experiences Manager, Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art - Indiana University - (812) 855-8978 -
  • Area 10 Agency on Aging would like a 5-8 minute informational piece outlining the impact their services have on clients and the community. This would include interviewing four clients/partners showing services including Rural Transit, home delivered meals, mobile food pantry and personal care. Contact: Chris Myers,Chief Executive Officer, Area 10 Agency on Aging, 631 W. Edgewood Dr., Ellettsville, IN 47429. (812) 876-3383 ext. 503
  • Bloomington Fire Department: The new fire chief, Jason, would like to develop a fire prevention series (potentially also including print materials, though these could be done through another partnership—just so you understand the full scope of the project). This may be an opportunity for multiple students to create video addressing different environments, hazards, and tips. Contact: Tom Figolah, Fire Prevention Officer ( or Jason Moore (
  • Brown County Literacy Coalition, in Nashville, IN is looking for a few enthusiastic IU students to capture footage and interviews to promote their tutoring program to potential tutors and funders. Possibilities of what this project might entail include:
    • 1. A group "round table" of tutors talking with each other about their experience tutoring.
    • 2. Video of one or two tutors tutoring their kids. This could be at one of the elementary schools.
    • 3. A video of a teacher and/or Principal talking about the impact that our tutors have on the reading progress of their students. Would be at the same school that we interview the tutor.
    • 4. A video of a kid that we are tutoring and their experience with their tutor.
    • 5. A video of a parent of a kid we are tutoring.
    • 6. A video of the Brown County School Superintendent talking about our program and the impact it is having on Brown County Kids.
    BCLC would arrange this to be efficient for students. Most tutoring takes place at elementary schools right after school. School gets out at 3:00 p.m. BCLC could choose a single school and video a couple of tutors, students, a parent, a teacher, and the Principal all in the same time period. BCLC could arrange to interview the school superintendent either before or after the shoot at the school and have the release/s signed from the parent/s and other participants. Patricia Krahnke and tutoring director, Shari Frank, would be there to support students efforts by prompting video subjects to talk about their experiences. Contact: Patricia Krahnke
  • Foundation for Autism Resources connects children on the spectrum and their families to resources they couldn’t access without FAR's support. They would love a short video to tell the story of one or two of our families, what it means to be an autism family, and how access to quality therapy has been a life changer. The piece should also relay the idea that with 1 in 68 individuals having autism this impacts communities as well as children and families. - facebook page Contact: Shana Ritter 812 322 7296
  • Indiana Forest Alliance (IFA) would like a 2-15 minute video on the proposed logging of Yellowwood State Forest and the people who are actively opposing it. They have existing footage and still images that could be worked with; more material could be filmed over the course of the fall. The completed project will be shown to 400 people at IFA’s environmental film festival in January 2018 at the Buskirk Chumley. Contact: Anne Laker, Director of Communications & Admin. Indiana Forest Alliance
    317-600-9136 (c) / 317-602-3692 (o)
  • IU Contemporary Dance would like someone to produce some artful dance pieces, like these:
  • Kinsey Institute - Jenny Bass and the K.I. is working on a project documenting stories of same-sex couples in Indiana who have been married since the changes in state and federal laws. The K.I. could connect students to same-sex couples for interviews. Jenny Bass would be available to conduct the interviews, and students would produce short edited pieces. The raw footage would be archived as part of K.I.'s Marriage Equality project (for current and future scholars and historians). Selected edited pieces would be hosted through our online platforms and through our partners’ online platforms (eg, PRIDE organizations and Freedom to Marry). K.I. would also consider interviews about the project itself (faculty affilates, advocates) or about the history of the gay marriage movement in Indiana (local and state advocates).There was a 3 day window in Indiana (around June 25, 2014) when same-sex marriage was legal (one year prior to the Supreme Court decision). That would also be a possible topic for a student project.
    For P354 Graphics and Animation K.I. could provide audio clips or video clips of interviews with same-sex married couples that we’ve collected over the past year. Some of these are quite compelling and lend themselves to animation. Contact: Jenny Bass
    Anything created by the students would become a part of the Kinsey Institute Marriage Equality archive. And selected edited and animated clips would be broadcast and promoted to a broad audience.
  • MCCSC Office of English Language Learning: ELL would like to create a promotional video to outline the mission of the agency, but also to discuss building multiculturalism and diversity in Bloomington. (This could potentially be both a longer form, more in-depth piece and a shorter PSA.) · ACE: Rodney Mosongo (
    Supervisor: Choonhyun Jeon (
  • My Sister's Closet provides free work force attire and training to low-income and at-risk women pursuing employment. Contact: Sandy Keller (812) 369-6582.
  • People & Animal Learning Services (PALS): PALS would like to create (a) client video(s) to show at their annual fundraising event. These would give some general information about PALS but also tell the story of a particular client the agency serves.
    ACE: Josh Apanavicius (
    Supervisor: Cynthia Wakley (
  • South Central Community Action Program (SCCAP) - SCCAP serves low-income people through a number of important services. They need an updated informational "Thriving Connections" video to replace this one.
    • SCCAP Thriving Connections: Thriving Connections is an intentional way for people to build relationships across class and race lines to end poverty in their communities. Our goals are:
      • To change the mind-set of the community so it wants to end poverty
      • To change goals, policies, and approaches to end poverty
      • Empower people in poverty to help solve community problems while transitioning out of poverty themselves
    • They would like the video to demonstrate the positivity and support for our Leaders (those in poverty) from Allies and volunteers. The 3-5 minute video would show our facilities, describe the mission of Thriving Connections, and exhibit the close-knit, “family-like” relationships that Thriving Connections offers. This informational video would serve as a prelude to presentations to give people an overview of what we do as an agency before we delve into the specifics of Thriving Connections. Contacts:
      • Linda Patton - Thriving Connections Coordinator - helps to manage Thriving Connections as a whole - - (812) 339-3447 ext. 206
      • Brandi Smith - Thriving Connections Coach - facilitates relationships within the Thriving Connections Community - - (812) 339-3447 ext. 263
      • Emmanuel Scaife - Thriving Connections ACE - contact person for Service Learning Coordination - - (317) 797-0029
  • Trashion/Refashion - would like a video promoting their upcoming show and a 10th anniversary retrospective video. - facebook Contact: Stephen Hale 812 334 0922

The Office of Service Learning contact is:

Megan Betz
Community Engagement Coordinator
IU Service Learning Program
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL)
mebetz [at]
(812) 855-7849