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The Rescuers: Saving Lives in Times of Genocide

An Exhibit from PROOF: Media for Social Justice

October 23 - November 16, 2012
Located in the IMug
Indiana Memorial Union

During the last twenty years, countries around the world have been torn apart by ethnic, religious, and political violence. Shattered social relations, mutual distrust, unhealed wounds, and narratives of hatred and revenge devastate communities, leaving them
vulnerable to future outbreaks of violence.

In each violent narrative, however, there are also remarkable stories of ordinary heroes who risk their lives to save members of targeted groups. These stories, unfortunately, are hidden in the rubble of violence and despair, at risk of being lost with the passage of time.

"The Rescuers” Project is a peacebuilding program that supports healing and reconciliation in post-conflict countries by recording and highlighting the stories of those who resisted overwhelming prejudice and violence by reaching out to condemned groups. These rescuers are the emblems of hope.

"The Rescuers” exhibit includes twenty-one portraits and personal accounts of survivors and those who rescued them from the genocidal killings in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Germany. The goal of the exhibit is to raise awareness and promote tolerance, coexistence, and personal commitment to fight injustice.

This exhibit is cosponsored by the Borns Jewish Studies Program, the College of Arts & Sciences, and Thēm•es•ter

For more information, please contact the Borns Jewish Studies Program at 812-855-0453 or email