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MOSES MAN: A Musical Journey of a Holocaust Survivor

Under the Dorit and Gerald Paul Program in Jewish Culture and the Arts

Thursday, April 17, 2014
7 pm
Theatre and Drama, Room A200

Moses Man powerfully portrays the indomitable spirit of survival as it recounts the incredible true saga of Kalman Haber, who fled Vienna, Austria during Hitler’s Invasion. Through a series of lucky circumstances, Haber was able to make a perilous journey with his family throughout Europe, Cyprus, Palestine, and Africa before finally arriving in America. Moses Man also takes a closer look at particular locations in the world during the Holocaust where little documentation has taken place; the British refugee camps in Cyprus (up to the time of the evacuation of the entire Jewish population in 1941) to British refugee camps in Africa (Malawi nee Nyasaland and Tanganyika.) Moses Man will provide meaningful opportunities to promote tolerance and to consider what can be learned from history to inform and inspire present day values and activism.

Renowned composer, Casey Filiaci, has created the score, Deborah Haber, the book and lyrics, and Dave Marshall, award winning documentary director from the Blue Sky Project,contributes to the development of the multi-media components.

Moses Man’s story can also be found in Perilous Journeys: Personal Stories of German and Austrian Jews Who Escaped the Nazis, “An Odyssey to Italy, Cyprus, Palestine, and Africa; The Story of Lily and Kalman Haber,” produced by The Center for Holocaust Awareness and Information of the Jewish Community Federation of Greater Rochester



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