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Shaul Magid

The Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Chair in Jewish Studies
Professor of Jewish Studies and Religious Studies
Director of Graduate Studies, Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program

My teaching focuses primarily on Kabbala, Hasidism, religious fundamentalism, Israel/Palestine, and modern and American Jewish thought and culture. Areas of interest and research include sixteenth century Kabbala, Hasidism, American Judaism, comparative religion, and contemporary conceptions of Jewish religiosity. I am the editor of God's Voice from the Void: Old and New Essays on Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav (SUNY Press, 2001), co-editor of Beginning Again: Toward a Hermeneutic of Jewish Texts (Seven Bridges Press, 2002) and author of Hasidism on the Margin: Reconciliation, Antinomianism, and Messianism in Izbica and Radzin Hasidism (University of Wisconsin Press, 2003). From Metaphysics to Midrash: Myth, History, and the Interpretation of Scripture in Lurianic Kabbala (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2008) which was awarded the 2008 American Academy of Religion Award for best book in religion in the textual studies category, American Post-Judaism: Identity and Renewal in a Postethnic Society (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2013) and Hasidism Incarnate: Hasidism, Christianity, and the Construction of Modern Judaism (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2014). I am the series editor for “Post-Rabbinic Judaisms” for Academic Studies Press. I am also a regular contributor to Tikkun Magazine, Zeek Magazine, Open Zion, and Religion Dispatches.


  • Ph.D. at Brandeis University, 1994

Research Interests

  • Kabbala
  • Medieval and modern Jewish philosophy
  • Hasidism
  • Gender and religion
  • Jewish ethics and contemporary Jewish religiosity
  • Renewal and fundamentalism

Courses Recently Taught

  • Introduction to Judaism
  • Contemporary Issues in Judaism
  • Religions of the West
  • Hasidism & Existentialism

Publication Highlights


"The Politics of (un) Conversion: The ’Mixed Multitude’ (erev rav) as Conversos in Rabbi Hayyim Vital’s Etz Ha-Da’at Tov, Jewish Quarterly Review (2005)

"Rainbow Hasidism in America-The Maturation of Jewish Renewal-A Review Essay," The Reconstructionist (Spring, 2004): 34-60

"Is Egalitarianism Heresy: Re-Thinking Gender on the Margins of Judaism" Nashim 8 (Fall, 2004); "Judaism and Reconciliation" Concilium: Reconciliation in a World of Conflicts, 2003-5 (forthcoming)

"Lurianic Kabbala and Original Sin," [Hebrew] Hafatzat Ha-Kabbalah (The Influence of Kabbala), Moseh Idel ed. Jerusalem, 2005

"Ethics Disentangled from the Law: Hasidism and Dispositional Ethics," A Companion to Religious Ethics, Charley Hallisey, William Schweiker eds., (Blackwell Press: England, 2004)