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Course Description

Beginning Yiddish I (4 cr.)
Avi Lang
GER-Y 501 Beginning Yiddish I #22981
MWF 9:30-10:45

Meets with GER-Y 100.

This course is the first semester of elementary Yiddish. Students are not expected to have prior knowledge of Yiddish. They are, however, strongly encouraged to get acquainted with the Hebrew alphabet beforehand.

Conducted mainly in Yiddish, this course aims to develop (a) essential communication skills (reading, writing and listening) and (b) awareness of the socio-cultural context of modern literary Yiddish and its communicative, expressive, and stylistic varieties. The grammar will include: nouns, verbs, and adjectives; grammatical gender and the case system; word-order, idiomatic usages, and phraseology. Particular emphasis will be placed on dialogue, grammatical drills, and students’ writing and active discussion in Yiddish. Reading and study materials will contain: short literary texts (prose and poetry), dialogues, songs, and selections from Yiddish wit and humor.