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Course Description

Elementary Hebrew II
NELC-H 502
P: Grade of C or higher in NELC-H 501 or equivalent proficiency.
MTWR 10:10-11:00

This course meets four times a week and is offered as the second semester course, in the Modern Hebrew language track. As such, it addresses appropriate material for the advanced-beginning level. The course is based on topics covered in the H100 course. The course is conducted exclusively in Hebrew. Students are exposed to spoken Hebrew, throughout class; they are expected to communicate solely in Hebrew, with one another as well as with the instructor.

This course offers a heavy focus on the verbs in Hebrew. Thus, it offers a practice of the infinitival structures of Hebrew, matching each such verbal form to its present form counterpart. The course further offers an introduction of the past tense of the Hebrew verbal system. The course focuses on the structure of simple as well as basic - nested (semi-complex) sentences, covering the word order options that such structures allow in Modern Hebrew.

The course uses readings from the workbook, in order to develop reading comprehension. Students use a set of CDs, as well as lab exercises, to develop their listening comprehension. Writing skills are developed, as students write short essays on various topics. Speaking skills are exercised daily in class, as well as during lab work. As part of the course, students prepare and present short presentations in class, on various topics.