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Course Description

A Century of Genocide (4 cr)
Mark Roseman
HIST-H 620 Colloquium in Modern Western European History
W 5-7 pm; BH 321

With a focus on 20th Century Europe broadly defined, but with several excursions beyond these borders and back before this temporal period, this course asks whether genocide is indeed a distinctive kind of societal phenomenon or a post-war legal-political construct belying a broader, more diffuse phenomenon of massive state violence. It explores the historiographies on the roots, practices, and consequences of genocide, as well as the literatures on victims, and perpetrators, and on genocide's memory, representation, and legal definition.

Reading will include Weitz, Century of Genocide; Kiernan, Blood and Soil; Levene, Genocide in the Age of the Nation State; Gerlach, Extremely Violent Societies; Mann, Dark Side of Democracy; Bloxham, The Final Solution - a Genocide; Snyder, Bloodlands; Diner, Cataclysms; Naimark, Fires of Hatred; Schaller and Zimmerer, The Origins of Genocide.

The course will be assessed by a journal length review article, and by short weekly position papers.