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Dual M.A. in Jewish Studies and History

A dual M.A. in Jewish Studies and History is available to students who are interested in a broad, interdisciplinary training in Jewish Studies and the corresponding languages, as well as in a solid disciplinary training in History. This program will appeal in particular to students who plan to go on to a Ph.D. program in History, or who plan to pursue a professional career in the field of Jewish Studies.

The combined program will have a total of 52 credit hours, instead of the 62 hours required to attain the two degrees separately. Students will take 5 courses counting towards Jewish Studies and 5 courses counting towards History, as well as 12 credits of electives. Language courses in a language relevant for the student’s research interest, normally Modern Hebrew, Yiddish, or Biblical Hebrew, can be counted to fulfill the elective credit requirement.

To fulfill the requirements for Jewish Studies, students will take JSTU-H 520 (4 cr.) and four courses taught by Jewish Studies faculty (16 cr.). Proficiency in one language relevant to the student’s research interest, normally Modern Hebrew, Yiddish, or Biblical Hebrew, is required for completion of the degree; the 12 credits of electives can be used for language courses. For the History M.A., students will take HIST-H 601 and a total of 16 credits of course work in History, with a minimum of one seminar and two colloquia. These courses can include courses on Jewish history, but cannot be identical with the courses counted towards fulfillment of the Jewish Studies requirements.

Students will choose either the comprehensive exam or final thesis option to complete their requirements for the Jewish Studies M.A. and will undergo a field review in the History department, for which they will submit two papers written for a History course, at least one of which in a seminar.

Students interested in the dual M.A. will apply to both the Jewish Studies Program and the Department of History, indicating their interest in the dual degree program on the "Departmental Questions" section of the online application.