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Prospective Jewish Studies Students

The Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program (JSP) at Indiana University is one of the largest and most vibrant Jewish Studies programs in America. With our large and highly accomplished faculty, our diverse and attractive course offerings, our focus on undergraduate education inside and outside the classroom, Indiana University has come to be a university chosen by top high school students and leaders because of the excellence of its Borns Jewish Studies Program.

"I truly love being a student at IU and in the Borns Jewish Studies Program. I am fortunate to be a part of an enriching and supportive community and program that provides me with invaluable opportunities, courses, professors, and experiences."
-- Ilana Borstein, Jewish Studies major and Hebrew minor student

Among the 42 Jewish Studies majors, 2 Jacobs School of Music students completing the outside field in Jewish Studies, and 34 students pursuing a certificate and Hebrew minor in the spring of 2011 were outstanding young people from a wide range of backgrounds, including many with proven leadership experience in international, national, and regional youth organizations. Our students are the centerpiece of our program and we make special efforts to provide them with the kinds of educational opportunities they need and deserve: a curriculum of 60 courses a year; significant scholarship support; professional career guidance; and more.

Our faculty is committed to providing students with an outstanding education. Our students benefit from close contact with faculty; a caring and highly professional academic advisor; a wide array of scholarships, an administrative internship, and fellowships specifically earmarked for Jewish Studies students; an active Jewish studies student association; and study abroad program in Israel at Hebrew University. What may be the greatest benefit of all for our students is the opportunity to be part of a community with other bright and highly motivated students from around the U.S., engaged in the study of a rich, complicated, and variegated civilization. There are few places that offer the range of intellectual, cultural, social, and professional opportunities in Jewish Studies that IU can. To pursue Jewish Studies at Indiana University, in short, is to be part of a comprehensive and unusually caring program of studies, carefully built over more than three decades, which encourages students to focus rigorous attention on Judaism and the Jews.

"The Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University is a phenomenal program that deeply encompasses many of the facets of Judaism from an academic standpoint. The professors are fantastic, engaging, insightful, and approachable. The staff is extremely supportive and helpful as well. Highly recommended."
-- Travis Yon