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Donor Roll

To become a Friend of the JSP/to donate to the JSP— click the give now button to the right or make check payable to IUF/Jewish Studies Program and mail to: Indiana University Foundation Bloomington, P.O Box 6460, Indianapolis, IN 42260-6460. The vitality of the Borns JSP depends upon the generosity of our dedicated supporters.

July 27, 2014-July 12, 2015
Behind each Borns JSP chair, scholarship, and success are generous people. Through their gifts, they have become partners who share the vision of the program.

JSP Endowments - Life/Perpetual Friends

  • Barbara and Joseph Alpert
    David and Sylvia Zabinsky Overseas Study Scholarship
    Harry A. Alpert, J.D., and Jeanette Solotken Alpert Overseas Study Scholarship
  • Mildred L. Bern*
    Henry A. Bern Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Estate of Edward A. Block
    Edward A. Block Lecture Fund
  • Sandra and Robert Borns
    Irving and Sylvia Borns Fund for Overseas Study in Israel
    Borns Family Fellowship
    Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Fund
  • Dr. Alice Ginott Cohn and Theodore Cohn
    Alice Ginott Cohn, Ph.D. and Theodore Cohn (Yiddish) Fellowship
    Dr. Alice Field Cohn Chair in Yiddish Studies
  • Betty and Melvin Cohn
    Melvin and Betty Cohn JS Institute Fund
  • David M. Cook Foundation
    David and Amy Cook Overseas Study Scholarship
  • Martin E. Dayan*
    Edward M. Dayan Scholarship in JS Fund
  • Esther Fogle
    Fredric M. and Esther G. Fogle Overseas Study Scholarship
  • Marsha and Jay Glazer
    Alvin H. Rosenfeld Professorship in JS
    Glazer Family Fellowship
    Irving M. Glazer Chair in JS
    Pat M. Glazer Chair in JS
  • Pat* and Irving Glazer
    Glazer Family Fellowship
    Irving Glazer Scholarship
    Irving M. Glazer Scholarship
  • Rikki and Leonard Goldstein
    Leonard M. And Ruth K. Goldstein Scholarship
  • Rita and John* Grunwald
    Pearl Schwartz Program Fund
  • Irene and Martin Jacobs
    Martin and Irene Jacobs Scholarship in Jewish Studies
  • Frances* and J. William* Julian
    Julian Endowment in JS
  • Irving Katz Scholarship
  • Rosey Krakovitz
    Karl and Rosey Krakovitz Overseas Study Scholarship
    Karl and Rosey Krakovitz Scholarship
  • Bobbi and Arthur Kroot
    Roberta and Arthur J. Kroot Scholarship
  • Bernice and Herbert Levetown
    Herb and Bernice Levetown Scholarship
  • Jane and Andrew Mallor
    Andrew C. and Jane A. Mallor Overseas Study Scholarship
    Henry Fischel, Ph.D. Scholarship
  • Sybil and Louis Mervis
    Isadore Mervis Scholarship
    Lou and Sybil Mervis Chair in Jewish Cultural Studies
    Louis L. and Sybil S. Mervis Overseas Study Scholarship
    Martha Ann Mervis Scholarship
    Selma Lee Mervis Young Scholarship
  • Ilene and Jeffrey New
    Jeffrey B. and Ilene S. New Overseas Study Scholarship
  • Samuel* and Joan* New
    Sam and Joan New Institute Fund
  • Dorit and Gerald Paul
    Dorit and Gerald Paul Endowment for Jewish Culture and the Arts
    Dorit and Gerald Paul Fund for the Study of Germans and Jews
  • Sondra and Arthur* Percy
    Percy Family Endowment
  • Leonore* and Louis* Piser
    Leonore and Louis Piser Prize Fund
  • Frances* and Mendel* Piser
    M. Mendel and Frances M. Piser Scholarship
  • Sara* and Albert* Reuben; Candice and Lawrence Reuben
    Sara and Albert Reuben Scholarships in JS: Holocaust Studies
  • Jeanie and Jay Schottenstein
    Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Chair in JS
  • Helen* and Martin Schwartz
    Helen and Martin Schwartz Scholars Program
    Helen B. Schwartz Fund for New Scholarship in JS
  • Leona and Dr. Reuben Shevitz
    Marilyn R. Shevitz Overseas Study Scholarship
  • Samuel Solotkin*
    Lillian Solotkin Lecture Fund
  • Monique and George* Stolnitz
    George and Monique Stolnitz Annual Yiddish Prize Endowment
  • Sandra and Stanley* Trockman
    Sandra and Stanley Trockman Scholarship

Benefactor Friends ($1,000 or above):

  • Barbara and Joseph Alpert
  • Sorelle and Steven* Ancel
  • Shirley Aprison
  • Drs. Karen and Steven Bloom
    in honor of son David Bloom (2014), Professor Eva Mroczek, and Carolyn Lipson-Walker
  • Margery and Michael Bluestein
  • Sandra and Robert Borns
  • Alice Ginott Cohn, Ph.D*. and Theodore Cohn
    in honor of Alice Cohn's 90th birthday
  • Shirley and James Dora
  • Diane Druck
  • Evansville Jewish Community Council, Inc.
  • Fort Wayne Jewish Federation
  • Joan and Dr. Robert Fragen
  • Ruth and Leonard Goldstein
  • Dana Green and Thomas Clancy
  • Robin and Leonard Gurin / United Student Aid Funds, Inc.
    parents of Ben Gurin (2012)
  • Helene and Philip Hixon
  • Irene and Martin Jacobs
  • Tom Kramer
  • Marija Krupoves-Berg and Dr. Daniel Berg*
  • Myrna and Dr. Louis Lemberger (match via Eli Lilly & Company)
  • Bernice and Herbert Levetown
  • Iliana and Irwin Levin
  • Professor Jane and Andrew Mallor
  • Sybil and Louis Mervis
  • Joan and Nathan Miller
  • Ilene and Jeffrey New
  • Dorit and Gerald Paul/Paul Family Foundation
  • Dr. Ora Pescovitz (match via Eli Lilly & Company)
    in memory of Dr. Mark D. Pescovitz
  • Livia Klain Russell and Stephen Russell
  • The Jack M. and Sherron C. Schuster Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego
    parents of Jonathon Schuster (2004)
  • Frank Selby
  • Leona and Dr. Reuben Shevitz (match via Eli Lilly & Company)
  • Monique Stolnitz
    in memory of Professor George Stolnitz
  • Sherwin Stone/The Braeside Foundation
  • Sandra Trockman
    in memory of Stanley B. Trockman
  • Myrna and Dr. Myron Weinberger
    in honor of Robert A. Borns

Patron Friends ($500 or above)

  • Carol and Larry Adelman
  • Robert Aronson
  • Marjorie and Professor Joseph Belth
  • Irwin Broh
  • Susan Cahn
    in memory of Dr. Peter H. Cahn
  • Sharon and Benjamin Eisbart
    parents of Yosh Eisbart (1995)
  • Phyllis and Dr. Edward Gabovitch
  • Margolit and Kenneth Goldstein
  • Judy and Dr. Zachary Hodes
  • Francine and Dr. Roger Hurwitz
  • Dean Idalene Kesner and Paul Robins
  • Rosey Krakovitz
    mother of Audrey Krakovitz (1986)
  • Bobbi and Art Kroot
    in honor of Professor Alvin Rosenfeld
  • Stuart Kurlander
    in honor of Dr. Gerald J. Kurlander; in honor of Shirley Prince Kurlander
  • G.I. Latz II Foundation Fund
  • Flo Mary and Tom Mantel
  • Cathy L. and Tilden Mendelson (through Network for Good)
  • Katherine and Travis Paulin
  • Piser Family Philanthropic Fund/Drs. Joel A. Piser and Jing W. Hsieh Piser)
  • Prema and Professor William Popkin
  • Candice and Lawrence Reuben
  • Erna and Professor Alvin Rosenfeld
    in celebration of the appointment of Mirjam and Noam Zadoff to our faculty
  • Phyllis and Gary Schahet
    in honor of Sandra Borns’ special birthday
  • Anne and Gary Steigerwald
    parents of Julia Steigerwald (2010)
  • Stanley Talesnick
  • Sandra and Dr. Lawrence Tavel
  • Claudette and Professor Roger Temam
  • Sidney Tuchman

Patron Associate Friends ($180-$499; 35 years and younger JSP alumni)

  • Jami Trockman Bachrad (2001) and Jordan Bachrad
  • Julia Franks (2007)
  • Rabbi Philip Ohriner (2002)

Young Associate Friends ($36 and above; recent Borns JSP alumni)

  • Emily Berman (2010)
    in honor of Professor Alvin H. Rosenfeld’s dedication to his students long after graduation
  • Dr. Jessica Carr (2013)
  • Lainna Cohen (2008)
  • David Fliesher (2007)
  • Amanda Meyer Radman (2002) and Dan Radman
  • Francie Schrank (2010)

Other Donors:

  • Dana Herman Adler/The Adler Family Fund (1995)
  • Deb Allmayer and Jim Williams
    in memory of Louise F. and Benjamin N. Allmayer
  • Dr. Annette Alpert and Professor Darrell Haile
  • Professor Amy and Vice President John Applegate
  • Susan Attas
    mother of Jessica Attas (2015)
  • Paula Avchen
    mother of Julie Avchen (2005); in honor of Julie’s birthday
  • Linda and Dr. Leonard Axelrod/matching gift Thomson Reuters
  • Shirley Backer
  • Toni and Robert Bader
  • Shirley Bell
  • Stacey and Henry Berman
  • Roberta and Charles Bernstein
    parents of Henry Bernstein (2005); in memory of Jonathan R. Gottlieb
  • Rabbi Brian Besser
  • Susan and Russell Bikoff
    in honor of son Matthew S. Bikoff (2013)
  • Debra Bolotin-Cooper and Joel Cooper
  • Dr. Robert Brateman
  • Debbie and Don Breiter
    parents of Kate Breiter Uslan (2000)
  • Marisa Briefman (2013)
  • Dayle Brown and David Piser
  • Mark S. Buchholz
  • Steven Bulloff
  • Marian and Daniel Burrows
  • Linda and Dr. Louis Cantor
    in honor of the graduation of daughter Lauren Cantor (2014)
  • Donna S. and David A. Cohen
  • Gregory Cohn
    in honor of Robert A. Borns
  • Kenneth Collins
  • Daniel M. Cook
  • Jane and Gerald Coraz
    parents of Bridget Coraz (2008)
  • Sara and Steven Coven
    parents of Avi Coven (2013) and parents-in-law of Melody Mostow Coven (2013)
  • Rachel Crouch (2014)
  • Drs. Lorraine and Michael Davis
  • Stacy and Michael Davis
  • Beth Dwoskin and Professor Robert M. Blumenthal
    parents of Noah Blumenthal (2013)
  • Linda and Robert Dyson
    in honor of grandson Ben Gurin (2012)
  • Myra Echt
  • Judith Fink Ehrenstein (1985) and David Ehrenstein
  • Claudette and Dr. Lawrence Einhorn
  • Lana and Professor Paul Eisenberg
  • Dina Elenbogen (1982) and Steve Siegel
    in honor of Carolyn Lipson-Walker
  • Carla and Paul Elkin
  • Robert D. Epstein
  • Lois and Sidney D. Eskenazi
    in memory of Stanley Trockman
  • Gail and Norman Ettinger
  • Linda Falendar
  • Dr. Judy Feinberg
  • Ruth Feinberg
  • Professor Herbert Fertig
  • Myra and Donald Fisher
  • Rose and Gary Fisher
  • Jo Ellen and Victor Fitzgerald
    in memory of Professor Irving Katz
  • Linda and Dr. Bruce Frank
  • Terri and Dr. David Frolich
  • Dr. Lynn Gitlin-Stein and Michael Stein
  • Caroline Goldbach
  • Barbara and Bruce Goldberg
  • Dr. Stephen Goldberg
  • Nancy and Jerrold Goldsmith
  • Wendy (Rapport) Grinberg (1993)
  • Audrey and Martin Grossman
  • Charlene and Jeffrey Gubitz
    parents of Rabbi Jennifer Gubitz (2005) and Leslie Gubitz (2012); in honor of granddaughter Nola B. Gubitz; in honor of all of our family’s IU graduates
  • Leslie Gubitz (2012)
  • Barbara and Norman Gurwitz
  • Ann and Dr. Robert Harman
  • Robert Hatcher
  • Barbara and Dr. Sanford Herman
    parents of Rachel Herman (2011)
  • Dr. Stephen Hurst
    in memory of Elaine S. Levinson
  • Nancy C. Hutchens and Michael Fields
  • Denise and Sheldon Iskow
    in honor of their daughter JS certificate student Hannah Iskow
  • Mollie and Italo Ivaldi
  • Marshall Jacobs
  • Beth and Steven Jurista
  • Marianne and Ronald Kallen
  • Rachel and Rabbi Drew Kaplan (2003)
  • Heather and Stuart Katz
  • Eileen Leiderman and Ben Brener
    parents of Richard Brener (2011)
  • Kathleen and Professor Leslie Lenkowsky
  • Barbara and David Lerman
  • Penny Joy Levy
    mother of Beth Levy Merkes (1990); in memory of Richard G. Levy on the 10th anniversary of his death
  • Betsy Libby
  • Carolyn Lipson-Walker and George Walker
    in honor of the Borns JSP faculty, staff, alumni, and students
  • Ernest Lorch
  • Jacqueline Mack and Dr. Edward Silberstein
    in honor of Louis L. Mervis
    in honor of the marriage of Ellen and Liam Tully
    in honor of Sybil and Louis Mervis receiving the Herman B Wells Visionary Award
  • Fred Mandelkorn
  • Dena and Alan Mann
    with appreciation; parents of current JS sacred music student Becky Mann
  • Margo and Joel Marver
  • Rabbi Laurie Matzkin (2001)
  • Linda and Herbert Melrose
    in honor of Alexandria Lebovits
  • Ellen Migdal
  • Susan and Robert Millner
    parents of Rabbi Daniel Millner (2008)
  • Susan and Marvin Mitchell
  • Ida and Robert Moise
  • Ellen and Professor Stuart Mufson
  • Leslie and Dr. William Nelson
  • Professors Susan Nelson and Michael Rosenblum
    in honor of Professor Alvin H. Rosenfeld
  • Beautrice and Dr. Melvin J. Nevel
    in memory of Joan B. New
  • lene and Jeffrey New
  • Zita and David Nurok
  • Jill and Joseph Ofengender
    parents of Aaron Ofengender (2010)
  • Elissa and Gary Okin
    parents of Erin Okin Gabay (2000)
  • Sara and Thomas Olesker
    in memory of Thomas Keller; in memory of Roselyn Kerstein
  • Linda and Professor Alexander Orbach
  • Mark Oring
  • Dina and Mark Phillips
    in honor of Amanda Phillips (2015)
  • Cecelia and Charles Plost
  • Gail Portman and Rabbi Jeffrey Portman
    in memory of Professor Henry A. Fischel
  • Janet and Professor Alexander Rabinowitch
  • Marcia Regenstreif
  • Cantor David Reinwald (2001)
    in memory of Biblical Hebrew teacher Ah-Seng Choo
  • Ruth and Robert Rifkin
  • Rachel Vilensky Roman-Lagunas (2005)
  • Professors Mark Roseman and Roberta Pergher
  • Dr. Gabriel and Francine Rosenberg
  • Lauren Rosenblum (2011)
  • Susan and David Rosenblum
    in honor of daughter Lauren Rosenblum (2011)
  • Sandra L. and Dr. Donald Rothbaum
  • Greta Rothschild (1984)
  • Dr. Jill (2002) and Joshua Samis (2002)
  • Dr. Joseph and Florence Schachter
    parents of Ruth Schachter (2002) and Dr. Abigail Schachter (2007)
  • Edna and Michael Schrank
    parents of Francie Schrank (2010)
  • Lois and Martin Schwimmer
    parents of Andrew Schwimmer (2009)
  • Drs. Marcia and Edwin Segal
  • Barbara Seidman (1987)
  • Arthur Shanker
  • I. Douglas Sherman
    father of Rachel Sherman (2015)
  • Liat and Gary Shyken (1998)
  • Doris and Philip Siegel
    in honor of Larry Simon’s 90th birthday and Larry and Lois Simon’s 60th wedding anniversary
  • Florence and Gregory Silver
  • Ellen and Jerrold Simon
  • Sinai Temple, Inc. of Michigan City United Jewish Welfare Fund
  • Esther and Norman Sklarewitz
  • Leslie Slatkin/William H. Slatkin Irrevocable Fund
    mother of William Slatkin (2008)
  • William Slodki
    father of Jorie Slodki (2007)
  • Barry H. Smith
  • Sharon Gurman Sokol and Howard Socol
  • Paula and Eliot Sommer
  • Professors Dina and Martin Spechler
    in memory of Beatrice Rome; in memory of Sydney C. Rome
  • Carolyn Spector
    in honor of Ilene S. and Jeffrey B. New
  • Ellen and Barry Stein
  • Ariann Stern-Gottschalk and Haim Gottschalk
    in memory of Dora Sheps
  • Donna Strnad
    mother of Sarah Strnad (2002)
  • Sarah Strnad (2002)
  • David Swerdloff/Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal
  • Mark Swick (2010)
  • Betty and Dr. Morton Tavel
  • Temple Adath B’nai Israel, Evansville
  • Lynn and David Valinetz
  • Professor Bronislava Volková
  • Cheryl and Dr. Raymond Waldman
  • Carin and Dr. Harvey Weingarten
  • N. William* and Bebe Weinstein Donor Advised Philanthropic Fund
  • Margaret and Horst Winkler
  • Professor Allen Wood
    father of Rabbi Elizabeth Wood (2004)
  • Sheri Zaitz-Blotner and David Blotner
    parents of Joanna Blotner (2007)
  • Amy Jo and Todd Zeldin (1987)
  • Seth Zimmer
    father of certificate student Megan Zimmer
  • Shani Zucker
  • Beth and Daniel Zweig/Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
  • Jennifer Zwilling (1994) and Jon Rosenwasser

In Memory of Dr. Daniel Berg

Benefactor Friends ($1,000 or above)

  • Marija Krupoves-Berg

Other Donors:

  • Diane and Glen Bohman
  • IU Health Bloomington
  • Carolyn Lipson-Walker and George Walker
  • Kathryn Schuerman
  • Sut Ngo Chow Sheng and Pei Fang Sheng
  • Jepha and Harold Silverman and Family
  • Gary Lee Steigerwald Revocable Trust
  • Monique Stolnitz
  • Tx:Team Rehab, Inc.

In Memory of Dr. Alice Cohn (to support the Dr. Alice Field Cohn Chair in Yiddish Studies)

Benefactor Friends ($1,000 or above)

  • Lynn M. Brinton and Daniel E. Cohn
  • CohnReznick LLP
  • Shirley and Barnett Helzberg
  • Amy Liss
  • The Luzak Family
  • Susan and David Rockefeller, Jr.
  • Taubman Foundation for the Arts/Ambassador Nicholas F. Taubman

Patron Friends ($500 or above):

  • Diana Cohn and Craig Merrilees
  • Gloria and Hans Gesell

Other Donors:

  • Barbara and Dr. Samuel Abrams
  • Phyllis and Leonard Bell
  • Yvette and Maurice Bendahan
  • Suzanne and Gershon Berkson
  • Eugene Berl Carol Bernheim
  • Debbie Bernstein and William Newman
  • Sandra and Robert Borns
  • Judith and Stewart Colton
  • Mary Gould and Marcia Chapman
  • Sheldon Holson
  • Drs. Helene and Andrew Lipton
  • Mendelle and Martin Milston
  • Suzanne Nimaroff
  • Murray Pepper
  • Judith and Dr. Richard Ross
  • David Rothschild
  • Anita and Dr. Howard Weinberger
  • Sue and Donald Weinberger

In Memory of Harry Sebel

Patron Friends ($500 or above)

  • Dr. Keli Jones and Charles Munson

Other Donors:

  • Hannah Cutshall
  • Margaret Davis
  • Kathleen Donovan
  • Peggy Larson
  • Katherine E. Noll

Italics - JSP alumni
♦ Parents and grandparents of alumni
or current students

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