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Jewish Studies Certificate Requirements

for Students Enrolling at IUB Beginning Summer 2013 and After

Required Courses

  • JSTU J-251/HIST-H 251
  • JSTU-J 252/HIST-H 252.
  • 6 more courses (18 cr.) in Jewish Studies with a minimum of 3 courses (9 cr.) at the 300-400 level.

At least 3 courses (excludes credit from language testing) in Jewish Studies must be taken on the IUB campus.

A maximum of 3 courses may be credited from language testing or from transfer credit. Courses taken at Hebrew University (via IU Overseas Study) count as IUB courses.

All course work must be completed with a grade of C– or higher.

Students wishing to participate in the certificate program must register with the advisor in Jewish Studies. Appointments may be arranged by calling (812) 855-0453.

* Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the official source of information regarding College of Arts and Sciences degree requirements is the College of Arts and Sciences.