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Course Description

American Jewish History (3 cr.)
Sarah Imhoff
HIST-H 259 #27691
TR 4:00-5:15

From 1654 when the first Jewish settlers landed, American Jews have negotiated what it means to be both Jewish and American. What became of Jewish communities in a land where Jews rarely lived in all-Jewish villages or neighborhoods? How did they interact with their non-Jewish neighbors? How did Judaism fare in a nation where religious and governmental structures remained separate, and religion increasingly became a matter of choice? How would secular Jews define themselves in a landscape of diversity? This class will explore American Jewish history from its beginnings to the present through primary source readings, documentary films, and historical readings.

Beginning Summer 2011: GenEd S&H, CASE S&H, CASE DUS
Before Summer 2011: S&H, CSB, JS History & Society