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Course Description

Jewish Critics of Zionism (3 cr.)
Shaul Magid
REL-A 430 Topics in the History of Judaism / REL-R 541 Studies in Jewish Tradition
MW 5:30-7:30
2nd 8 weeks

In the past fifty years, Zionism has risen to become a central component of Judaism and anti-Zionism has been relegated to those considered the enemy of the State of Israel. Many do not know that some of the most vehement critiques of Zionism came not from the enemies of the state but from Zionists themselves. In this course we will read and examine the Jewish critics of Zionism from the early twentieth century to the present. We will read from the works of Kaufmann Kohler, rector of Hebrew Union College, Martin Buber, Hannah Arendt, Gershom Scholem, Bernard Lazare, hand Kohn, Simon Rawidowicz, The American Council of Judaism, Yeshayahu Leibowiyz, Jacqueline Rose, Peter Beinart, and Judith Butler. We will also read some of the recent Israeli post-Zionist debates. This course is intended to give the student a much more complex and multifaceted view of Zionism as an idea and as an ostensible solution to the Jewish question.