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Course Description

Jews, Christians, Muslims (3 cr.)
Sarah Imhoff
REL-R 152 #33375
TR 5:45-6:35 plus discussion section: #33376 F 9:05-9:55; #33377 F 1010-11; #33378 F 11:15-12:05 (F)

This introductory class explores Islam, Christianity, and Judaism through three major themes: scripture, religion and the state, and gender. It will consider traditional and contemporary issues, such as: What texts do these traditions share, which ones are distinctive to each tradition; and how do religious people read those texts? What do people mean when they talk about Islamic “shariah law;” whether or not America is a “Christian nation;” or the modern state of Israel Is a “Jewish state”? Why can some Christian ministers marry, while others are celibate? Why do some Muslim women cover their heads or faces? Why do men and women sit apart in some synagogues?

Beginning Summer 2011 & after: GenEd A&H, GenEd WC, CASE A&H, CASE GCC