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Jewish Studies Video Course Descriptions


Jews, Christians, Muslims (3 cr.)
Sarah Imhoff speaks on "The Context of Religion" in Jews, Christians, Muslims
REL-R 152

Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to the Spanish Expulsion (3 cr)
Guadalupe Gonzalez-Dieguez speaks on "The Jewish Identity within History"
JSTU-J 251 / HIST-H 251

Introduction to Jewish History: From the Spanish Expulsion to the Present (3 cr)
Mirjam Zadoff speaks on "Jewish life and history" since the expulsion from Spain
JSTU-J 251 / HIST-H 251

History of the Holocaust (3 cr)
Mark Roseman speaks on "A Different Approach" and "Challenging Assumptions" to the History of the Holocaust
JSTU-J 323 / HIST-B 323


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