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Course Description

The Jewish Folktale: Its Evolution, Poetics, & Roles (3 cr.)
Tsafi Sebba
JSTU-J 303 Arts & Humanities Topics in Jewish Studies #30394 / FOLK-F 358 Jewish Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music #
TR 4:00-5:15

This course will view the Jewish folktale as a reflection of Jewish thought from ancient to modern times.

We will focus on key stories from different Jewish canons. We will read each story in its historical, ideological, and literary context and examine changes in the Jewish folktale through time. We will examine its affinities to other nations' folktales, and focus on its revival in modern times in correspondence with national needs.

Through these subjects, we will be introduced to constitutive compositions in Jewish culture, acquire tools for literary analysis, and learn more about the affinities between literary genres and social ideologies. 

Beginning Summer 2011 & after: CASE A&H
Before Summer 2011:  A&H, JS Literature & the Arts or History & Society