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Living Jerusalem: Ethnography and Bridge Blogging in Disputed Territory (3 cr.)
Amy Horowitz JSTU-J 304 Social & Historical Topics in Jewish Studies #30403 / FOLK-F 330 #30051 Folk Culture & Related Fields / INTL-I 300 #30833 TR 9:30-10:45

Living Jerusalem is an experiential course that focuses on Jerusalem’s multiple histories, cultures, religions, and political conflicts as well as the efforts of Israelis and Palestinians engaged in a variety of joint efforts aimed at a just resolution of the struggle. We examine the impact of weblogs (blogs), videoconferences, and other media as dialogue points for studying about individuals living as adversarial neighbors in this disputed city. In its first year at Indiana University, the course provides an opportunity for students to enter into a web-based learning environment as well as to engage with their peers in face-to-face discussion in the classroom. Throughout the semester we will investigate Jerusalem as a site of multiple histories, complex contemporary political issues, and intersecting cultural practices. We will explore notions of cultural borrowing, transmission and appropriation, and disputed claims to cultural legacies.
Living Jerusalem project Web site:

Student blogs from class held in Fall 2011: