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Course Description

Literary Masterpieces of Muslim Spain (3 cr)
Guadalupe González-Diéguez
NELC-N 204 Topics in Middle Eastern Culture & Society 37090
MW 1:25-3:55
2nd 8 weeks

This course focuses on the masterworks from the Golden Age of Arabic and Hebrew literature in Muslim Spain. After a brief introduction to the relevant literary genres and forms in poetry and prose, we will proceed to read, in English translation, fascinating texts, such as a treatise on love (Ibn Hazm); a philosophical story about a boy who is born in a deserted island by spontaneous generation, in a prefiguration of Robinson Crusoe (Ibn Tufayl); the picaresque adventures of the protagonists of the "maqama" literature (Al-Saraqusti, Alharizi); and lyrical poems on wine, love, and religious longings of the soul by Arab and Jewish poets, as well as Andalusi women-poets (such as princess Wallada).