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Course Description

Muslim Spain (3 cr)
Guadalupe González Diéguez
JSTU-J 304 Social & Historical Topics in Jewish Studies #30994 / NELC-N 303 Issues in Middle Eastern History #30522
(meets with NELC-N 695)
TR 11:15-12:30; BH 147

This course offers an overview of the history of Muslim Spain, a period in which a unique culture of living-togetherness flourished in Europe under Islamic rule. The course will follow the chronological sequence of events, from the conquest in 711 until the fall of the kingdom of Granada in 1492, and beyond, closing with a critical examination of the memory evoked by al-Andalus in contemporary culture. Particular attention will be paid to cultural and social aspects, such as the intellectual production and the status of religious minorities. From a methodological perspective, this course provides a close analysis of a pre-modern case of a multi-religious society within the frame of Islam, in all its achievements and its shortcomings. Thus, it serves as an enlightening case-study for those interested in the larger questions of multiculturalism and religious pluralism.