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Course Description

Leadership in Jewish Studies(1 cr.)
JSTU-P 180
Does not count toward Jewish Studies major or certificate. Students may only take 1 section per semester and a maximum of 3 credits during degree.


  • Business and the Israel Connection (W 3-4; #28165)
  • Birthright Recruitment (Time to be arranged; #26688) note: this sections meets the first week of classes
  • Birthright, Now what? (Time to be arranged; #25458)
  • Campus Superstar (M 1-2; #25460)
  • Alternative Spring Break (W 1-2; #25461)
  • Jewish Medical Ethics (R 4-5; #25463)
  • Jewish Camp, History and Mystery (T 2-3; #25464)
  • Jewish Cooking (W 2-3; #25462)
  • Jews in the Media and Pop Culture (T 1-2; #25459)

These sections are designed to be practical in nature allowing students from the College and other schools on campus to gain practical leadership experience in the community with a focus on Jewish Studies. Graded. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 3 credit hours. A student may only take one P180 per semester.

Each section meets once a week beginning in the 3rd week of the semester. Students will be graded on attendance, active participation, and a journal that the each student keeps throughout the semester and in which they reflect on their course experiences.

Descriptions of each section

Business and the Israel Connection- Wednesdays 3pm  28165
Learn about business in Israel and gain skills. Build connections with Israeli companies

Birthright Recruitment- Time to be arranged 26688 Note: This section meets starting the first week of the semester
Help IU Hillel recruit for birthright for our summer trip! You will work with Hillel staff and other class participants to recruit for a free Israel trip through tabling, outreach and planning orientation for the upcoming birthright trip.  The class schedule will be arranged with Hillel staff and other class participants.

Birthright, Now what? - Time to be arranged  25458
For students who have returned from a Birthright trip and want to stay connected to the excitement of their experience.

Campus Superstar- Mondays at 1pm 25460
Be a part of a huge fundraiser for Hillel at IU! Campus Superstar is a state-wide singing competition for any student in Indiana. As part of this class, you will have the opportunity to plan, market, and implement this large venture, and in this 10th year of the competition it is sure to be bigger than ever!

Alternative Spring Break- Wednesdays at 1pm 25461
This class is recommended for those who are interested in joining Hillel on our Alternative Spring Break trip. Anyone who is interested in community service is also welcome to attend. Learn more about the importance of community service and tikkun olam, and put that learning into action!

Jewish Medical Ethics- Thursdays 4pm  25463
Look at questions and controversial issues such as stem-cell research, abortion, patient advocacy, end of life issues, etc. from a Jewish perspective.

Jewish Camp, History and Mystery- Tuesdays at 2pm 25464
A survey of the history of camping and Jewish camping in North America with discussions centering on the essential elements of Jewish camping (what makes Jewish camping so unique) and the different styles of camp offered by each Movement and the Jewish community in general. We will also cover full-time and part-time staff functions as well as challenges Jewish camps face. 

Jewish Cooking- Wednesdays at 2pm 25462
In Jewish Cooking students will explore that art of the deliciously crafted meals that your Jewish mother or grandmother once cooked for you. Students will go on a Jewish journey through their taste buds cooking different Jewish foods from Challah to Kugel to foods in the far off homeland of Israel.

Jews in the Media and Pop Culture- Tuesdays 1pm 25459
Come watch, learn and discuss about how Jews are portrayed in TV shows, movies and the media. We will explore the image and stereotypes of Jews in the pop culture world and discuss the validity of these portrayals.